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I was diagnosed with Type II when I was 17. It never really 'hit' me, and I never thought about it much. I dropped about 30 pounds altering my diet and working out.

I've slacked off over the past couple of years with my diet and exercise, so now I recently enrolled at a local gym and am working hard to get back on track. I tried brown rice for the first time and I actually like it a lot—it's just fine to me really.

In addition to getting back in shape I wanted to join a site like this through Kaiser Permanente and do some research while gaining support. But reading a lot of the stories and discussions here makes my stomach twist into a knot. "Fighting a losing battle" and how one woman started off with 2 pills a day and is now taking 33?? Insane! I started off taking like 13-15 and then adding insulin to my regimen.. now I'm taking only Metformin once a day, the other 2 are to control gout, 1 for blood pressure and 1 for cholesterol. Both parents are Type II, and I'm guessing I have that Metabolic Syndrome thing..

I don't know, honestly the more I read here the worse I feel. Maybe I've always been in denial to some extent which is why it never 'hit' me, and I'm just running away from the truth.. My mom just recently had open heart surgery and I'm back at home to help her out and take care of her make sure she's all right. I'm her only child so I want to be there for her. I've experienced some painful events watching my mom go through what she has and it's scaring me to death about my own future.

I guess I try to live a pretty balanced life. I try not to focus too much on the details of diabetes (the meds, the diets). I just try to live life normally. I still like to eat out. I still love my junk food every once in a while. But I try to balance it out by taking my meds solidly and hitting the gym, and overall trying my best to make healthier choices (like Eat This, Not That). My last A1c was 6ish. But honestly I don't ever test my blood sugar, I just go in for my labs and keep in regular touch with my doctor.. I guess he's pretty lax with me because he said I had a huge turn-around and he's proud. I struggle with the triglycerides though.

omg i'm so scared

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Tony5657 2012-08-25 04:51:20 -0500 Report

Welcome to the family. You have already received some really good advice in the following "welcomes" & I hope you feel encouraged. I've pretty much received an education here by poking all through this site. Great stuff!

I'm sure we all get scared, discouraged, stressed, angry, etc. at times but those are mental states that can be changed with positive mental thoughts/exercises. At times you may "want to" just say to hell with it and give up. That only makes a bad situation worse. You can change your negative "want to-er" to a positive one that'll guide you to victory, but you have to "want to" do that yourself. It's up to you. Let me SHOUT, HEY DUDE, YOU CAN DOOOOOO IT! :o)

You'll receive lots of positive encouragement & information here. We are not giving up! We are winning over the diabetes thing and we'll continue doing so!! You're in with a family of winners, NOT wieners. Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX

Malicent 2012-08-25 01:19:39 -0500 Report

Thank you, everyone. It was nice to be able to read your replies tonight before knocking out; very encouraging. Like I told Gabby, I dug around some more on the site and really enjoyed reading about who you guys are and where you all come from, and where we're all headed together… It's certainly not over, and for many this is a wake-up call to a new and better life. I can agree to that… I wish for it to be the case for everyone who becomes diagnosed with this. It's hard to watch others not do the little things to take care of themselves, and suffer hugely for it. Well, I'll turn around and greet anyone who joins with a heartfelt "Welcome to the Not Dead Yet Battlefront!" >:D -thumbs up-

GabbyPA 2012-08-24 22:49:36 -0500 Report

There are a lot of us old folks that have had years to have ups and downs in dealing with this disease. Its not all bad and doom or gloom.

We had some fun discussions with "Chopped Challenge"

There there is one on reflecting on how times have changed

There are also some great encouraging ones on triumphs of members here:

So maybe you just need to cruise a little more? We certainly don't want you to feel worse by coming here.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-08-24 21:32:48 -0500 Report

Welcome, you will get lots of good info here. Don't panic or get depressed when reading other members post. You have to keep in mind that we are all different and deal with diabetes in various ways. There are people here who have really good control of their diabetes and others who don't. You'll find there are alot of people who for whatever reason don't eat right, exercise or take their medication correctly and do the bg checks.

All you can do is follow the plan and keep dr appts and live life to the fullest. You may never have any complications, which I hope with all my heart happens, or you may get some. If you do, then you deal with it and make any changes needed and move on. Since both of your parents have both types, you have first hand experience what they do or don't do and how that affects them, I suggest you try and learn from them what you should be doing. You can live a full and healthy life by taking care of yourself. Also, you are such a good son to move back and help your mom out, not everyone has that. so bless yo. Hugs.

Feel free to ask or talk about anything here, were all in this together:)

Set apart
Set apart 2012-08-24 19:33:08 -0500 Report

Welcome to DC, you'll find a large group here who are learning and getting better! I am a T1, and will always need insulin to survive. The great thing is that a year ago I was healthy, yet today I am even healthier, I take care of myself and try to support others! There are so many people here who are the most awesome mentors when it comes to D! Keep reading and you might change your mind! ;-)

DeanaG 2012-08-24 10:27:38 -0500 Report

Welcome to DC!!
Learn as much as you can. Control as much as you can, it is not easy, but can be done.
I was diagnosed 13 months ago and I am healthier now than I have been in a long time.
We just spent 2 days at Disneyland and I (age 50) outlasted my 29 year old son who is great shape.
Remember you are not alone in this battle. We are here for you. ;-)

Nick1962 2012-08-24 10:11:42 -0500 Report

Welcome to the group. I can understand the negative feeling you get reading some of these posts. I think that’s mainly because this is a mainly a huge support group, so a lot of what is posted is folks looking for help or answers. The ones who have things under good control generally don’t post “hey, my numbers are great, and I’m keeping the weight off” on a regular basis.

That said, there are a lot of us here like me that have lost a bunch of weight, have their numbers in what would be considered a “normal” range, and have gotten off all medications. It can be done. I did it. So can you. Hang around and you’ll meet those folks.

MAYS 2012-08-24 09:49:36 -0500 Report

Welcome to the family!
Fighting diabetes is only a losing battle if you choose to let it be!

You have the power, and the knowledge to control your diabetes by managing your blood glucose level daily, it can be a chore at times, but it is worth it, just knowing that you have that power of control is a strength, not a weakness.

The more that you know, and learn about diabetes, the better things will be for you in the long run through life, a very rewarding and enjoyable one I might add!


Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-08-24 04:08:46 -0500 Report

Hi, thanks for joining and sharing. Sorry your Mother is having heart problems.
There are things about Diabetes that scare me. Also what has/is happening that others relate can be frightening. But learning about Diabetes and what I can do to have control helps.
For now limiting certain foods, avoiding others altogether, and getting some exercise is working for me. Sometime I may need medicine or insulin again.
There are many people who have lived along time with diabetes who don't have the scarey complications.

JSJB 2012-08-24 03:48:09 -0500 Report

Welcome to DC. We can not stop living because of this condition. I was 69 when pre diagnosed so you know how hard it was to change my eating habits and going from no exercise to riding a bike 3 miles a day. Well it is keeping my sugar readings in the normal range but there are times when I say BS and eat the so called banned foods for diabetics and just relax with no exercise. I do take meds and test everyother day but I'm hoping that will change.