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I went to the doctor today, and the nurse said that it is neuropathy. How in the hell can you survive this? Sorry for the language, but I am frustrated that I will have to live with this for the rest of my life. They did put me on some medicine though. I just hope that it will work for it.

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VHM1970 2012-10-20 03:44:59 -0500 Report

I will not lie and say living with neuropathy is easy…sometimes the pain is so severe I have wished the source was gone!! I HATE to admit that and hate even more to put it in writing due to diabetics w/amputations would probably love to have whatever it is they lost back. Having two of my family members that have had to have amputations due to diabetes I TRY to take care of my BS and of my feet… The burning and tingling is bothersome but the stabbing piercing pain that sometimes won't subside is unbearable!! Feels like a hot knife is being forced into different parts of my feet sometimes constantly! When it flares up I want to pull my hair out! Lyrica is the best treatment I have encountered However it isn't a cure nor a guarantee of no pain!! But it certainly helps for the most part. I wouldn't want to NOT have it on hand but sadly I can't afford it to take for maintenance…I take gabapentin for maintenance and the Lyrica for the bad flare ups…keeping your BS levels normal will help to not cause further damage and help keep the pain at bay! Good luck to you!

jayabee52 2012-08-23 17:34:41 -0500 Report

I am sorry to hear this Nyu-chan. I live with the burning pain from knees thru toes, and the tingles from elbows to fingertips.

I pray you have success with the medication. I haven't had much success myself with that, but everyone's response to medication is different.

MAYS 2012-08-23 17:34:13 -0500 Report

Manage your blood glucose levels to prevent further damage to your nerves.
Some doctors believe that the nerve damage can be reversed if it isn't too bad, others believe that the damage done thus far cannot be reversed but future damage can possibly be prevented.

Only time, and dedicated blood glucose management will tell, but managing it is a must on your behalf.



Talk to your doctor what you can do, and what options are available to you, I wish you the best, and remember that there is hope, as long as you are willing to try!