stopping Victoza suddenly....and the ravenous monster within

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I have changed my medications several times since my diagnosis in November. My doctor thoughtfully put me on Victoza 3 weeks ago. I did experience nausea, but I was so happy with my numbers and how it cut my appetite. I was getting used to it, and then I ran out out of the pen that my doctor had given me. Apparently, the pharmacy was not authorized by my insurance to fill it, and I am now waiiting for the doctor's pre-authorization to be processed and in the meantime I am really struggling. It's like I have this ravenous beast inside that just wants to eat and eat…to make matters worse my sugar is high, much higher than it was 3 weeks ago before I started Victoza. I actually hit 325 after lunch today, and I didn't really overdo it. I ate a little bit too much maybe, but not enough to warrant this kind of spike. I'm stuck in this vicious cycle, high sugar leads to food cravings, and I'm really frustrated. I hope that I will get my authorization tomorrow because I have been so sick. Did anyone else stop Victoza suddenly and have this kind of reaction?

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Armourer 2012-08-24 01:10:02 -0500 Report

Sorry for your troubles. I've been on victoza now for six months, my numbers are great, even able to cheat a little once in awhile. But I've only lost maybe eight pounds. My problem is I don't eat enough before taking it or after. Never been nausea on it. However, my insurance wouldn't authorize it at all. Had to jump through the insurance hoops for two months before they okayed it. Thing to remember is it's to control your BGs, not your weight. Good luck, watch those carbs and portion control.

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