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My name is Craig Audet and I am a PhD student at Walden University. As a person with type 2 diabetes and an individual pursuing my PhD, I decided to use the opportunity to look for ways to try and help improve the lives of others with this disease.

I am conducting a survey to see if being part of a diabetes support group affects how people to manage their diabetes and to see if Internet support groups are the same as traditional face-to-face support groups.

I ask that you consider taking part. As a volunteer for this project, you will be asked to complete a short survey about your diabetes and how being part of a diabetes support group has affected you. Your name will not be on the survey so no one will know how you answered the questions. Your entire participation in this research should only take about 15 minutes and you will only have to complete the survey one time.

To participate, please follow the link below to Survey Monkey and complete the questionnaire entitled “Diabetes Support Group Research Project”:


When you get to the site, please read the consent information at the beginning of the survey to obtain further information about the research study.

Thank you for considering to take part. Your participation could help to find better ways for people to manage their diabetes using support groups.


Craig M. Audet

craig.audet@waldenu.edu small

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granniesophie 2012-08-23 05:20:02 -0500 Report

Please go back and get permission from the Administrators before posting for people to take your survey. This what what you agreed to in the Terms of Use for this site. Once an Administrator has okayed you and your survey, you will find alot of people more willing to take it!
We all want to make sure we are safe and not being apmammed. Lots of us have been before.

granniesophie 2012-08-23 09:41:49 -0500 Report

Oh, and I meant spammed!! Thunderstorm and scared dog leads to no sleep leads to bad spelling. Thank you for getting my point!!

Craig1464 2012-08-23 08:55:44 -0500 Report

OK, will do.

CJ55 2012-08-23 23:12:30 -0500 Report

I agree with granniesophie.. This has happened in here before and people are hesitent to help out unless it is okayed first. This is a community for all of us to talk about our concerns, problems, Diabetes. Not a forum of surveys. Let us know what transpires Craig.