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I don't usually post this type of things here,but I feel it will be truly inspirational and moving for anybody with an illnes. Saw this boy on the news this morning and for lack of words He just blew me away. With his life and strides, and things he has overcome, has become truly an asset and well worth any credit he may get because of this. He definitely brightened a day for me that is usually a very depressing one. I needed to share this with you, you just have to look and see, to experience what I just did when I saw this boy. I did a search and found him online news.


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Since I saw this news article, I have bought and read the book,and what he and his mom did to improve his life is truly an inspiration to all. Rex is an amazing savant, born blind, with mobility issues and much much more. You really should read it. It made me feel like my problems were small, and his accomplishments at such a young age are sooooo big. I can not say enough about how inspirational this young boy is.