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It's 745 and I slept 5 hours,woke up with severe nausea. Took zofran and Ginger tea sips. I have to make it to this appointment, I have severe dry eyes and some of these medz make it were worse,so my right eye is swollen and infected. Every moment I do not have nausea I become hopeful. My bg was 271 just now. Why? I only had 250 calories via shake yesterday and nothing today. Injected 5 units novolog. I think I will write about gastroparesis somewhere because it is preventable and I slipped through the cracks. Diabetes is evil. Ignore it and it will chew you up and spit you out. My case is complicated by other issues in the last 10 years. Too much to write right now. Right now my goal is to keep my pills for other health issues down and maybe make it to the bath tub. I feel bad because there are other people on this board with pressing issues and I want to comment on their posts. Don't know how to send hugs out, and I only have one eye and a phone. So, hugs to everyone who is having a difficult time right now. -Anne

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pixsidust 2012-08-21 23:04:32 -0500 Report

My prayers and sympathy are with you
For a quick relief that helps many eye symptoms
are drops called Pink Eye found at Walgreen's
I use it for a itching eye, sty or an eye that is weepy
besides the pink eye its named for
Really any time i need some relief and it works
It may help the dry eye until you can get to the doctor
The doctor being the best solution of course
Let us know how the doctor visit went!
I will be looking for your reply!

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