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Well, started vomiting around 2 am yesterday. And tons of tummy pain. At 6 am I had taken every anti nausea I have and literally crying on floor. Woke husband, he called ambulance. Blurry for awhile except I was very dehydrated and tachycRdic.. IV in ambulance and no pain even though it took them awhile. Spent 7 hours in er. Lots of iv and medz. So now, my goal is to keep the ensure in and not start vomiting. Gastroparesis doc referral from young er doc who has a mom that has it. Have to call insurance tomorrow. I pray I fall asleep tonight and wake up at 8 am. It's very lonely throwing up at 2 am. The nurses are so unfriendly. And I was lying on the stretcher crying and telling everyone " I can't do anymore". And I know everyone is burnt out in the er. Please send good vibes. I want to get through the night. Asleep.

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sleepygreek 2012-08-22 21:39:23 -0500 Report

Sending many good vibes and hoping you are feeling better. Sometimes the loneliest place is in the hospital.

lotsadogs 2012-08-22 22:03:30 -0500 Report

Oh my gosh, yes, and my anxiety level was through the roof because the crazy people were my buddies, my bed was in hall. Then the computers went down. Then I got agitated. Luckily husband was there but he is getting frustrated.

CJ55 2012-08-21 23:18:13 -0500 Report

I do hope you are feeling better. We are in the same boat. Nothing is working. The extremely painful tummy cramps, nausea vomiting. Have taken everything. This is my 5th day with this. I can barely walk due to cramping. Dr says ride it out, it will pass. I say bull S..t. Anyway, get better. Hugs CJ. \U+127803

lotsadogs 2012-08-22 22:00:14 -0500 Report

If this gets to be a routine please go get checked out by a gi doc. They think I had this for years and then it progressed to this. I had pain, diarrhea,mild nausea but I could always control it.. take care

lotsadogs 2012-08-22 21:53:21 -0500 Report

Hi. Hope you don't get what I have. I have not slept in 48 hours or so. Spent another day in the er after ambulance. Had iv medz and by the time I was discharged I was already retching again. Now on zofran and phenergan but still resistant. See new gi doc Friday but don't know if I'll make it. I slept one hour after I got home and woke with roaring nausea. Can't eat or drink right now. Er said I need help. They were going to give me morphine and I said no. Then they gave me phenergan after I didn't want it, I've noticed I get agitated after it, but I take it anyway because I am out of options. I begged to be admitted this morning but only a gi doctor can do it. Everyone looks at you like you might as well give up now. I can't believe it's been less than 2 weeks since I became so ill. Already I'm getting used to iv starting in ambulances in front of my house. Crazy.

TsalagiLenape 2012-08-21 13:22:04 -0500 Report

Just ask them what would you want done to your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Daughter or whoever? Would you want them to feel like I do right now? Just a thought…I know the ER Nurses and etc are busy but a few minutes when walking by or checking on you would ease your mind. So relax, and hope that things will turn around and for the better. Hugs

lotsadogs 2012-08-21 18:47:46 -0500 Report

Thanks. Didn't get any better today. Was referred to wrong guy. He basically told me to ride it out and go to er again if I can't stop vomiting. Fighting nausea..

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-08-21 04:43:42 -0500 Report

Hope you are feeling better today and have been able to sleep more plus get something to stay down for nutrition.

MAYS 2012-08-20 10:43:06 -0500 Report

Work with your medical team and get things under control, it may seem hard at times but you must do so and try to stay strong and focused.

"ordo ab chao" (latin for "Out of Chaos, Comes Order!)

There is a new you waiting to emerge, a flower will not bloom before it si supposed to, there is a process involved in everything, talk over your options and treatment with your doctors then get started on them and when it is all said and done, live your life with joy! (Obstacles are meant to be overcome!)


lotsadogs 2012-08-20 11:43:23 -0500 Report

Sweet…I Ike the quotes. I am wrangling w my pc. They have no clue.the md at the er told me to switch.which I will as soon as I get my gi referral.

locarbarbie 2012-08-20 08:14:08 -0500 Report

What a horrible experience for you…praying that you will finally find someone to steer you in the right direction and get some relief.