I'll love not to worrie about this for one day

jason milburn
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I'll love to be normal for a day just one so fed up of this

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jason milburn
jason milburn 2012-08-19 05:09:37 -0500 Report

I've Neva know any different does my head it from age 6 I've had it and I'm 21 now I do do what ever I want to be fair just always in my head about it ;( thanks tho

mystikfairy61 2012-08-19 01:27:40 -0500 Report

Hi Jason, I think we all understand the fed up feeling. There are days when I wish for the way my life used to be and being able to eat what and when I wanted to and not having to poke my fingers daily. But then I come back to reality and know that this is not something I caused, and I just do the best I can. I think the best motto that I use daily is the same one that is used in addiction groups. That is "One day at a time". I know every day is different and I can determine how I respond each day to the things I have to do to control my diabetes. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here yet, but I can live for today, and live in the moment. It is hard being diabetic and I don't have years of dealing with it as so many on here have but I know there will be days that I will wish that I didn't have to deal with it. Keep your head up, do the best you can with the cards you were dealt, and know that the group is here for you thru it all. You are in the right place to get understanding and support thru the difficult times. HUGS

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