USB Medic Alert

AF Retired 462
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Started 2012-08-15 08:44:51 -0500
Have been wearing one of these for about 6 months. I think it is better than just an ID Tag. I am going to the key chain model and use it on a neck chain. When I work the bracelet gets in the way. Have broken the top strap.
Anyone else use an USB type Medic Alert?

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CJ55 2012-08-24 07:17:37 -0500 Report

Hello Again AF.. Yes, I just purchased and received the CARE Medical History Bracelet. I am still downloading info on mine, but I do like it. I have very tiny wrists so for me it seems a little bulky. I am going to purchase a key chain to clip to my purse / wallet and I also have the card in my diabetes emergency kit. I really like the product. i had to go to the ER last week and they just took my bracelet and input it to the computer and boom, everything was there. No waiting time to get seen. Love it!!

AF Retired 462
AF Retired 462 2012-08-15 16:16:22 -0500 Report

I hope so. Have lost one of the barcelets already while working. New one has broken top strap. Found a few others if this one don't work out.