Restorative Sleep -- Important to our Health

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Many of us have difficulty getting to sleep. We know how important sound sleep is for our health, but it doesn't always seem to happen for us. Some of us need to visit the doctor for medical intervention, but here is an idea for the rest of us who may have the occasional restless night and want a new idea about how to deal with it.

I haven't tried this yet … in fact, just saw it on Real Age this morning. I'd be interested in feed back from any of you who do try it.

When it's time for bed, if you find yourself squirming like a disgruntled toddler , try this relaxation and sleep-promoting move taken from chi-gong (qigong):

1.Rub your hands together to warm them. Place your right palm over your right eye, left palm over left eye.
2.Press the center bone above each eye with your index fingers.
3.Press the outside corner of your eyes at the bone.
4.Press the bottom center of your eyes on the inside of the bone.
5.Press the inside of each eye.
6.Use your thumbs to push where your jaw and cheekbone meet.
7.Move to your ears and pinch along the edge of your ears from top to bottom.
8.End the sequence with a move called "Beating the Heavenly Drum." Tap the back of your head nine times with the palms of your hands and your thumbs resting on your neck.

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annesmith 2012-08-19 00:31:19 -0500 Report

For a whole 2 years, I had severe severe insomnia every single month—it was terrible. For me, I finally found the solutions..first, the most important I figured out is that I have to be really really really tired before I go to bed—if that means staying up until 3am or 4:00am, then I do it. Next, I have to take Melatonin every night—3mg. Third, I can never miss a dose of the Seroquel I take, as, I found out my body does not produce enough serotonin..that's been going on for years. The Seroquel also is a non addictive sleep pill, and it also helps with general to high anxiety. Fourth, I can never, never drink more than two cups of strong black coffee a day, and I can't drink it past 4pm…if I do, my whole system gets way out of whack, and I can be up for another 24 hours…sounds crazy, doesn't it? Ha, ha, ha. Another thing is, I found out my body does not produce enough of glucogen-so, in the daytime, I make darned sure now I eat enough of that. Finally, I can never go to bed hungry—if I do ( I used to), I'm up all night, then at least 1 more night. I'm a brittle diabetic, so, I have been adding running to my workouts 4-5 days a week—-diabetes is ONE tricky disease—sincerely, Anne

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