Starting to Eat in a More Healthy Way

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Most people are creatures of habit. We go to the grocery store on the same day every week and fill our carts with the same stuff. If it’s Monday, chicken's for dinner and Wednesday always means spaghetti. We are comforted with knowing what to expect—even if our meals aren’t that exciting, we know what we’re going to eat.

That’s what makes eating healthier so scary sometimes. We are so used to eating a certain way that we rarely think about what we’re actually putting into our bodies. So to eat a healthier diet means actually waking up and paying attention to what's on your plate.

Make Healthy Eating a Habit
Eating healthier doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you want to adopt healthy habits that will last, then the easiest way to do it is by making small, gradual changes. Don’t expect too much from yourself too soon—it takes about a month for any new action to become habit.

Before you start making any changes to your diet, take a week or two to observe your current eating habits. Track everything that goes in your mouth, including drinks and treats, no matter how small. Keeping a food journal will really open your eyes—realizing that you ate 10 cookies over the course of the week might make you think twice before reaching into the cookie jar again tonight, for example. You might not realize how bad your present eating habits are until you see an unhealthy pattern right there in black and white. Once you see that some changes are in order, then you're ready to take the next steps.

Small Changes Mean Big Rewards
If you can't stand the taste of broccoli, then vowing to eat it more often is pretty unrealistic. But if increasing the number of vegetables you eat each day is one of your goals, start by finding a few different ones that you can painlessly work into your diet. Make sure you select a variety of colors (dark green, red, orange, etc.) to get the most nutrients per bite. Add some shredded carrots to your muffin batter or top your pizza with fresh tomatoes, for example.

If you know you need to eat more fruit, start by adding some sliced bananas to your cereal in the morning or bake an apple with a bit of brown sugar for a yummy, low-cal dessert. Fresh berries and yogurt make a nice, light breakfast or snack too.

As you adopt this new style of eating, you will find that your food preferences will gradually change—when you cut out high-sugar, high-fat goodies, your cravings will actually go away in time. Your body wants healthy food!

One of the biggest challenges to eating healthier is finding substitutions for existing foods in your diet. Here are some tips to make the transition easier: Use mustard instead of mayo on your sandwiches. You’ll get lots of flavor with much fewer calories and fat.

Select whole wheat bread over white bread. Be sure to read the label to ensure you’re getting whole grains, not just colored white bread.

Eat the white meat of turkey or chicken, which is lower in fat than dark meat, red meat and pork. Animal fat is the number one dietary source of unhealthy saturated fat.

Start using lean ground beef, pork tenderloin or fish instead of high-fat cuts of meat.

Change your cooking methods. Bake, grill or broil your meals instead of frying. Use non-stick sprays—or better yet, non-stick pans—instead of oil.

Drink more water. Slowly reduce the amount of soda you drink and replace it with herbal tea or water. Aim for eight cups of pure water each day.

Don't drink your calories. Eat a whole orange instead of drinking a glass of juice, for example. Real food is usually more filling and more nutritious than juices, fruit drinks, and other high-calorie beverages.

Serve sauces and dressings on the side. Dip your fork into the sauce, then dip your fork into the food. You’ll still have the flavor but with fewer calories.

Gradually switch to skim milk. Milk commonly comes in four varieties: whole (4% fat), 2%, 1% and skim (0% fat). Gradually wean yourself from the higher-fat varieties to the lower fat milk every two weeks. For example: continue drinking your normal 2% milk for two weeks, then move to 1% for two weeks, and then your palate will be ready for the consistency of skim milk.

Switch from full-fat cheeses to reduced-fat or fat-free cheeses the same way you would with milk (see tip above).

Order vegetables on the side instead of fries. Flavor them with lemon juice or herbs instead of butter.

Snack on fruit and nuts instead of sugary treats. The fiber, protein and healthy fats in this combo will sustain you to your next meal and you won’t have the energy slump that comes after eating candy.

Reduce your portion size. Most people will eat whatever amount of food is in front of them, so start putting your meals on smaller plates. You will be just as satisfied because your mind "sees" that you’re eating a full plate of food.

Eating a healthier diet doesn’t have to mean deprivation. You don’t have to cut out your favorite foods completely—you just have to make a few changes. Treat yourself to a mini chocolate bar instead of a full-sized one, for example.

By trying to eat the most nutritious foods possible, you are creating a healthy lifestyle that will help you reach your best weight. You deserve the very best!

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jayabee52 2012-08-14 01:21:31 -0500 Report

Thanks Carol for that! It is a valuable reminder to me, and I plan to share this with Suzy when we next get together (sometome after Wed 8/15)

Caroltoo 2012-08-14 11:57:40 -0500 Report

Great, James; is she coming to LV this time?

jayabee52 2012-08-14 12:14:31 -0500 Report

No I go to Milwaukee for about 2 weeks to get her medical appointments done. She's in Orlando FL at the moment at a National Scrabble championship. Because my kidney function took a dive recently I stayed in LV while she went there. I had planned on flying to Orlando to meet her but we discussed it and decided it was better for me to stay here for the week and meet her in MKE when she gets back. As it turns out I will be flying into MKE about half hour before she does, so we'll ride home together on the paratransit bus. I talk to her every night before she goes to bed and she says she is miserable without me. Amazing how our relationship has become symbiotic so quickly.

When the 2 weeks are over we plan to take a trip to LV to look for a house or condo for her for about a week and then back to MKE. (makes me tired to think of it).

Caroltoo 2012-08-14 12:20:21 -0500 Report

I'm glad she went to Scabble Championship even though you had to return home! Good for her to be out after her long stay confined in the hospital.

Sounds like tight timin and you would miss a minute of your time together. I'm happy for you and you sound much happier. Good luck on the house/condo hunting. It is a big job followed by the bigger job of sorting, packing, and moving.

So how is the kidney function now? Seeing any, even ever-so-slight, improvement? Keeping you both in my prayers.

jayabee52 2012-08-14 12:59:00 -0500 Report

Kidney function is 12% of normal, down from 15% 2 mos ago. 10% means I have to undergo dialysis.

Kidney Dr shortened the "leash" on me from 2 months to 3 weeks.

Caroltoo 2012-08-14 15:52:39 -0500 Report

Sounds like a doctor's visit for you will be another thing on the agenda for the week searching for a condo. I'm glad you have a doctor you have confidence in.

CJ55 2012-08-14 00:45:21 -0500 Report

Carol, thank you so much for the very good advice. I pretty much already do what you discussed, but it is always nice to read and review it every so often. Great advice for the newbies or someone who just may need a bit of insight for a change they need. {{hugs}} CJ

Caroltoo 2012-08-14 00:49:12 -0500 Report

That's exactly what I was thinking CJ. Someone just came on this afternoon and asked how to get started with eating better. This was from Spark People and really isn't about diabetes, but it struck me as appropriate anyway.

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