How did grandma feed your mother or your great grandma Healthy eating and drinking.

Bonnie K.
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I am so sick of additives and chemicals in my food that I want to go back to the old ways our grandmother and their mothers knew how to feed their famlies. Does anyone know where to get recipes for foods right off the farm or like old country living. Our drinks are loaded with caffiene which I cannot have do to allergies , or sugars and artificial this and that. Progress has not all been good. Maybe the way we process our foods is harming us. I need ideas I would welcome any and all information from recipes to things grandma used to say or do. Please anone out there email me your ideas, I am not trying to make a cookbook or anything, I just want to get healthy by doing it the old way. I did not have a mother or grandmother in my life and my sisters have been dying right and left. One is dying right now who is only 11 months older than I am and I am 64. I was thin my young life and when I hit 30 my weight and my life changed—Long story—- I was not raised with my siblings either but we all got heavy later in life. I lost my oldest sister , a half brother last year, and now my sister close in age to me, that leaves only one other sister left and she is 67 . I want to try to go back in time and figure out how I can help myself and maybe if it works spread the word to all of you there is a better way. I am willing to be the ginney pig here, I just have no family to get ideas from. Anyone willing to help me figure this out and send me information , Thank You ahead of time from the bottom of my heart.

Bonnie K

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