Stress effects Diabetes.

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I was just thinking that it has to be stress that effects my blood sugars. Everyday I am under stress, with my husband, family, having to move in a month without a place to go to yet. Not sure of what is happening, puts allot on a person. I am one to get figity, in the unknowns of life. I have to completely trust in God with all that I have, my whole being. Live just doesn't seem right, when I don't. I can see why He says, not lean on our own understanding. Because we would just go crazy other wise. That's where we can fall into more problems, and the problems we have always leads to stress. But I also have to remember that we are really to blessed to be stressed. I love that statement. Though its not really Biblical. But there is truth to it. We can live in chaos and still be blessed, and when all is done, we can say we did it well. We made it, with God's help. I am sticking with that forever!

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-08-08 20:43:30 -0500 Report

Stress can effect every aspect of your life and health. I have removed most of the stress from my life and learned how to cope with life head on. Under no circumstances do I worry about or get stressed over anything not in my direct control.

So sorry to hear of your problems. If you know you have to move in a month, you can look for a place to live online. Use and you can find houses and apartments for rent or to purchase. It is nation wide so all you have to do is put in you state and the city or town where you want to live. It will give you the price the rental/leasing agent's name and contact number. They also have of the property. You can do this on line and it is free. You can then schedule an appointment for viewing.

As for husband and family I hope it all works out for you.

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