Remember; It is Always Better to Give the Receive

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With the holidays coming and the economy the way it is; more people we don't even know (they are called criminals) are ready to take whatever than can an not give. It isn't just the giving material things that is important, so no-one needs to take; Because we can give from our hearts freely. And I mean without even spending money. Give without expecting because you not to; not because you need to, or feel you have to. And if you can't exchange gifts outside the family, or even in. Explain, a lot of people can't afford it, and they won't be obligated either. Offer to contribute time or help with something that is hard for them to do. Volunteer to do the laundry for a month. Get everyone together, and have them each make a dish to pass. Then sing carols together. Do family things. Make Snow angels, or snow men if you can. You do not have to buy a gift; just bring your heart and soul out for the day. And please, with all of the extra pressure given over gifts, there are a lot of crimes this time of years so please stay safe and aware, and also hold on to your wallets and purses. And do not forget to lock your doors. And Remember;I wish you are Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and a healthy new year.

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Start your giving today; send our troops a free card, posted discussion. It will make you feel great about something you have done today as well as giving our troops some love and moral support. So stop by the discussion, click on link and send your free card, o.k, Luv Claudia