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I"m thinking the dizzy spell I had in a store about an hour after eating last night, may have been caused by eating a little hash browns, I normally eat small portions of things with white potato in them, and I've never had any problem. My numbers are never high, because when I occasionally do eat a small serving of something like that, I have lots of protein with it, to balance it out. I had eggs and a little turkey bacon. After I left the store, I checked my reading in the car, it was only 138 and I know that is a great number, I control by diet and exercise. Could it be that the numbers came down quickly and I am very sensitive to that? I wish I knew the exact cause, because this has happened before, rarely, but it does happen and when it does, I have eaten nothing white, all really good things, checked and my numbers were always within 80-120 before. I get nervous to think that this happens out of the blue, even though I am always watching what I eat. This always resolves on its own and the spells are short but scary. thanks for any advice, and input.

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jayabee52 2012-08-03 13:35:28 -0500 Report

I have intermittent positional vertigo. I have sinusitus and if my sinuses get flowing for some reason, the mucus flow blocks the Eustacian tubes, which causes my inner ears to malfunction and throws off my balance and causes me Dizziness. (according to my PCP).

It is however "positional", so if my head is looking down and I notice the vertigo coming on, I and can correct my head position in time, the vertigo goes away temporarily. It comes back if my head is other than in a vertical position. If I get it at night I have to sleep in my recliner chair. Otherwise I get dizzy and have to vomit. Fortunately once I vomit, I am OK for about an hour or two.

I pray you can find out what is going on with you!


Nick1962 2012-08-03 11:56:56 -0500 Report

Good article ConnieMarie posted, and yes, if your body said "i want that sodium out" it could have been a blood rush. I don't think it was actually the food itself, and like Jo K said, it could be sinus also. I have chronic sinus issues and sometimes if I turn my head to fast it messes with my inner ear and I get light headed.
Could also be that your stomach wanted a rush of blood to digest breakfast at that moment.
But yeah, mention it to your doctor, he/she may want to do an ECG on you. Ain't aging grand?