Has enyone tried Milagro de la Selva tea ?

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To understand the benefits of Milagro de la Selva tea , you must first understand the dynamics of blood sugar control.

The pancreas is the organ that produces insulin, the hormone responsible for maintaining healthy glucose levels in the blood. When a persons glucose levels get out of control, it is because the pancreas is no longer producing enough insulin but mostly because the body has developed a resistance to its own insulin . Injecting artificial insulin only suppresses your own production of the hormone—-after a few hours, the effect is gone and more insulin is needed. This becomes a never-ending battle that only aggravates the prognosis.

Most pharmaceuticals on the market today will only treat the symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, for the effective treatment of the disease, you must consider alternative methods that will stimulate your pancreas to do its job and reduce the insulin-resistance syndrome.

Milagro de la Selva tea will improve the insulin production by stimulating your pancreas to produce more insulin. It will also cleanse your liver of toxins, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels and cleanse your kidneys, thereby helping to avoid the need for dialysis!

Milagro de la Selva tea, used in conjunction with a low carbohydrate diet and a healthy level of exercise will put you back on the road to recovery…

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Sunny75 2014-05-15 20:08:40 -0500 Report

I use it. It works good. I am type 2, my grandmother type 1 uses it. She used it for a year and her doctor pulled her off shots and put her on pills. Other people say it didn't help them I know didn't try it for at least 6 months and didn't use it before every meal as directed. Other people who did I personally know also got dramatic results.

GabbyPA 2008-07-20 04:19:57 -0500 Report

I take it this is not a viable resource for Type 1's, but Type 2's could use it?
I will have to check out my local health food store to see if they have it. I am concerned about all the crap in my liver, and since my liver is my main culpret in my morning highs, I would like to try anything that helps clean it out. Hopefully it has a tolerable taste. Bitter Melon is not so fun.

butterfly_8 2008-08-05 07:35:18 -0500 Report

Hi Gabby,
did you ever find the Tea. I could not and I would like to check it out. I think with all this medication that I take, I could use a liver cleanse also.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-08-05 07:52:15 -0500 Report

the Milagro Tea company actually ran an ad in our newsletter this week. You can check it out by visiting this link:


GabbyPA 2008-08-05 13:03:03 -0500 Report

Thanks John,
I went to the health food store and they did not have it. I went to this site all excited until I saw the cost. I will have to save up, but this sounds like another thing for me to try. The results look good and even in the trials, everyone did at least moderately better but the majority did very well.

butterfly_8 2008-07-19 14:43:48 -0500 Report

What are the ingredients in this tea.? What studies were done on this tea.? Where is it sold.?
How do you know it will help those with diabetes?