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Greetings all. I posted this question on Obesity Connect as well. I would like to know if anyone has tried and/or seen any successful either way concerning appetite control supplements. I work with a guy who has recommended things like Zantrec and Hydroxyzine as part of a fitness program to aid in weight loss. Not sure about that either. However, was curious about anything on appetite control supplements. Like Metabolife, ot Dexatrim, or any others. Any info would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Lizardfan 2012-07-31 14:30:04 -0500 Report

A friend of mine is going to a weight loss center and her doctor started her on Metformin. His theory is that it will help control her snacking impulse in the evening. She is taking it with no side effects and losing weight. She also has cut her calories a lot and is walking, not sure if the Met has helped or not! I would be skeptical of any supplements, that being said the medication I am currently on Bydureon does have an appetite suppression for me. It does not work for everyone though!

diabetesfree 2012-07-30 08:58:58 -0500 Report

I would stay far away from anything containing caffeine or other types of stimulants. While these may provide some temporary appetite control, it is temporary, at best. The side-effects can be severe, especially if you have high blood pressure or are not in perfect help. It can definitely cause insomnia, which will raise your blood glucose as your stress increases. While most of these pills do not list caffeine as an ingredient, other stimulants with lesser-known names tend to be the leading ingredients. Some of the common ones are Guarana, Ginseng, Gotu Kola and others. Some brands containing these ingredients have been banned by the FDA. I would definitely recommend steering clear of any products using the above drugs, with the exception of low levels of Ginseng.

pasumner 2012-07-29 16:32:03 -0500 Report

I appreciate al the help. As to further make clear on my question: I was thinking solely for appetite control, in addition to a better diet overall and exercise. I tend to have a pretty ravenous appetite and was looking to see if there was a way to help me tame it while making all the other changes, at least in the short term. Thanks for all the help, it is greatly appreciated.

jackiemorris 2012-07-29 10:24:14 -0500 Report

I totally agree. If you take suppressant pills to lose weight and do not learn healthy habits that will help you to keep it off, you will only gain it all back plus some. I think that using lemon juice and vinegar are fine as they are things that are used in many things daily and do help with a lot of conditions. You have to learn to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Try to get 10 minutes of physical activity in everyday and add to it as your body adapts. It does not have to be boring, it can be something fun like dancing to your favorite music. All that matters is to get your body moving.

MAYS 2012-07-29 09:02:39 -0500 Report

The best way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake as well as raise your body's metabolism (slowly of course) appetite suppresents can have a damagin affect on your well being, if you cannot, or do not change your calorie intake (eating habits) the weight will simply come back twice as fast and with damaging effects both physically and mentally!

Knowing how the human body works concerning the storage of fat is a must before you can start losing weight:

Don't be fooled by claims of being able to "burn off fat" it's impossible, stick to the tried and true method of losing weight by reducing calories daily.
No one gains weight overnite, and you cannot lose it that way, all methods of "rapid" weight loss have dire consequences.

Take it off the way that you put it on, gradually!


RAYT721 2012-07-29 08:33:19 -0500 Report

I would think if there was a pill that could control appetite and assist in weight loss, everyone would be on it. The best advice I can offer in appetite control is to eat when you are truly hungry and get to the bottom of emotional eating if you eat when you're not truly hungry. There are plenty of low-carb, low-cal snacks that can hold you over to a "real" menu that will be better options: a 6 ounce low-fat yogurt, popcorn, and eggs are good fillers. Find your allowance of carbs and calories and make the most of that allowance. Any other questions about supplements are best addressed to a doctor or pharmacist that can tell you the pros and cons of the forrnulas you're considering.

Caroltoo 2012-07-28 22:08:02 -0500 Report

What about something simple and non toxic like lemon juice and/or vinegar? Both help reduce carb cravings and BGs.