Sugar free fat free orange sherbet

Tamra Hodge
By Tamra Hodge Latest Reply 2012-08-02 01:16:59 -0500
Started 2012-07-26 15:47:24 -0500

Are we allowed to eat this?

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IronOre 2012-08-02 01:16:59 -0500 Report

I agree with what Lou wrote below, It can be sugar-free but the carbs is what you need to be concerned about.
Maybe check the label and post on here what the carbs are and the serving size.

Nana_anna 2012-07-31 21:54:10 -0500 Report

I learned while working at the hospital, not to give patients with diabetes sherbert. Even when they have low BS levels. It is always better to chose foods with protein.

Type1Lou 2012-07-27 09:39:17 -0500 Report

Read the label and check both the serving size and how many carb grams there are per serving. That will give you an indication whether you should or shouldn't eat it and, if you should, how much. Most "servings" of ice cream or sherbet are 1/2 cup which isn't a whole lot. Just because something is "sugar-free" doesn't mean it's a "free" food with no consequences. And, of course, Gabby is right that not all foods affect each of us in the same way…you need to become aware of the carbohydrate content of foods and of their individual effect on your metabolism.

GabbyPA 2012-07-26 18:12:26 -0500 Report

With care, we can eat pretty much anything we want. The trick is knowing what things do to your levels. Try it. If it doesn't have any ill effects on your levels after eating it, then add it to your list of "okay things to eat". If it causes a spike, then maybe try again and find out more. If it keeps causing you trouble, then I would put it on the "no-no" list.

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