How long has it been that you were diganosed with diabetes?

By Ralph Latest Reply 2012-08-07 09:47:41 -0500
Started 2012-07-21 20:47:06 -0500

Hi all, I was just worndering how long you havehad diabetes and how has your outlook changed from the first time you received the news to now. At first I was in denial and didn't like it one bit. Now it is part of my life and I have adjusted to my new lifestyle. I hope each and everyone else has adjusted good also. It is what it is and I say make the best of it you can.

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margokittycat 2012-08-06 18:39:03 -0500 Report

It has been 32+ years. I wasn't even 10 years old yet, so there really wasn't to much denial for me at that time. As I got older there was and then I just said enoug. I have to do what I have to do to live as much of a normal life as I can. So that is what I do.

old biker
old biker 2012-08-02 10:13:26 -0500 Report

It's been 12 yrs now.I was quite lucky to have 2 friends that I spent a lot of time with, that had diabetes and on insulin. In all the years that I had known them I had never heard them complain about it or let diabetes stand in their way of enjoying life to the fullest. As a result of knowing them, accepting being diagnosed with diabetes was a lot easier

Ralph 2012-08-02 20:24:41 -0500 Report

You are lucky to have such good friends. Sounds like you are on top of it. Keep up the good work.

IronOre 2012-08-02 01:22:08 -0500 Report

37 years.
Diagnosed with Type1 on Oct 8th, 1975, at age 14.
So far, so good. No complications or anything.

Ralph 2012-08-02 20:27:13 -0500 Report

That is good. I wonder sometimes if a younger person can take the news of having dibetes easyer than an older person? Anyway, sounds good and that you are working really hard to do the right things.

IronOre 2012-08-06 21:59:50 -0500 Report

The thing about me being dianosed at that age is that it was caught right at its onset, my BS was maybe 240 at the highest when it was caught, which was high but not overly high. It can get to over 1000 if undiagnosed too long.
At the age I was diagnosed was just right for me because i really wanted to do as much as I could on my own, without my parents "budding in" all the time. So yes, it was better for me as a younger person getting the news.
As far as "working really hard to do the right things" goes . . . after all these years, it really isn't working hard, it's just liviing a life that i have gotten used to - and it really isn't hard work at all.

kylaburton 2012-07-31 04:14:54 -0500 Report

Was first diagnosed last 2003, it is really hard for me, I was crying for 2 days and I don't even want to eat at all. Been fighting it until now and I know with proper lifestyle, I can beat this one too just like what many of us in this wonderful community.

kylaburton 2012-07-31 04:14:25 -0500 Report

Was first diagnosed last 2003, it is really hard for me, I was crying for 2 days and I don't even want to eat at all. Been fighting it until now and I know with proper lifestyle, I can beat this one too just like what many of us in this wonderful community.

berrykins0 2012-07-30 08:36:24 -0500 Report

its 3yrs 4months i have diabetes i went from ac1of 8.2 to5.6 5months ac1 goes between 5.1 and 5.6,my current ac1 is 5.3.i took 2 metforin in the beginning for a yrand the last 2 yrs 2 months i have been taking 1 metformin .

Jccandals 2012-07-29 03:49:43 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed approximately a year after my daughters birth in 2004, and guess what I am still in denial and making excuses. I am 35 lbs overweight according to charts, however some doctors say I am fine, and others say I am overweight. Let's say it this way, "I feel terrible". I know I cannot become more committed to taking care of myself unless I start living it, hence, the reason why I am trying to put posts on my facebook of the exercise I do daily. My husband is a Type one, we both cannot seem to get it together on our home recipes and lifestyle. He loses weight quickly when he does not have enough carbs, I need to stay away from them for the most part. 15 grams for a snack is not much :(. It is difficult to manage. My husband is more disciplined in some ways, he only eats at mealtimes, however he does not check his blood sugars or eats a regular snack between meals. I do the opposite, I crave my snack, and I work a night job, ( which we eat at night). I am trying to manage all of this, went to two dieticians, but it appears that I will need a rude awakening to really say "hello you have to do this", I am afraid for that day. I have muscle aches in my left arm often, and there are those days that I worry. :( I had problems with my blood sugars as a kid, opposite ( hypoglycemia), I would fall in fields, the doctor explained to me back then that I may become diabetic in the future. The answer to hypoglycemia back then was candy bars. Unfortunately this was the beginning of my issue

Ralph 2012-07-30 20:04:24 -0500 Report

I hope you get a hold on the problem as soon as you can. I would hate to see anybody go thru any of the things I have heard can happen. Try to keep a positive outlook on things. God Bless.

Misspearl01 2012-07-27 20:19:23 -0500 Report

One year and 10 days. What a year. I have to admit the first part was living hell it took five months of doctor after doctor over nights in the hospital. Mris. What ever doc could through but a simple glucose test to find put I was pre-diabetic. As of this day I will take it over MS any day.

My endo has told me that just because my a1c are done from 7.1 to 5.7. Metformin and diet and exercise That I am still a type 2 just in control he says he doesn't agree with the pre-diabetic term. Either you are or you arent What do you d friends think

Ralph 2012-07-30 20:08:03 -0500 Report

I think a pre dibetic is one which has a better controll over it vs not having it. My wife has MS and you aare right dibetes is better than MS. She also has type 2 but has it under controll . I got her doing exercises and watching what she eats and now she does not have to take any meds.

Jccandals 2012-07-29 03:53:15 -0500 Report

I was prediabetic at first, take it seriously is my advice

Misspearl01 2012-07-29 07:14:57 -0500 Report

Taking it seriously is so true I will do what ever it takes for me to manage this Just never thought life could be so difficult

troublemaker27 2012-07-27 16:00:16 -0500 Report

i was diagnosed on december 2008 at age 32
it was scary but i was overweight at 180 pounds.
and my blood sugar was too high.
so now i have learned a lesson don't feed too much sugar in your blood and you won't have diabetes in the first place.
see you-tori

Ralph 2012-07-30 20:12:29 -0500 Report

Some people have dibetes anyway. The type 1 can be when you do not produce insilin. I was told 2yr. before the DR told me I was dibetic that I was pre dibetic and needed to watch what I ate. I did and still became dibetic. I have always been active so exercise has never been a problem for me. Keep up the good work and find out more so you can fight the dibetic battle better. I still look for info all the time.

Jccandals 2012-08-07 01:33:25 -0500 Report

I agree Ralph, from childhood even being skinny as a rail I already had signs that indicated I had a future with the issue, and I am only 35lbs overweight, which most of that happened due to be gestational diabetic while pregnant, therefore i did not feel good at all and gained alot of weight. I had my first three kids and went back to 115lbs to 125lbs in weight ( would change due to how atletic i was), it stayed that way until my mid 30's but that last two pregnancys were struggles, so I agree that some ppl just already have it, my grandmother was diabetic and she passed away from heart trouble associated with it. Sometimes its just there, my husband was childhood onset, type one, and guess what, my little boy has to use the bathroom quite alot! we monitor him closely

Set apart
Set apart 2012-07-26 21:36:26 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed August 17, 2011, going on one year now as a T1. I usually believe I've accepted my new way of life, but sometimes I wish I could go back to my old way of living. I am determined to beat this and have done well this year. DC has been a life saver for me in learning and accepting my D, since I have so many friends who face the same trials as I do!

Ralph 2012-07-30 20:13:50 -0500 Report

It is a very good site. I love it. Good to hear you are working on you dibetes and have accepted it. Keep up the good work.

tom1100 2012-07-26 20:42:04 -0500 Report

I have been on insulin for 42 years. When I first started there was no BG home test. Now I test 8-12 times a day. Now I have a pump and it sure is nice to get rid of the 6 + shots a day. Over all thing are going well and I am still on the green side of the grass.

Ralph 2012-07-30 20:16:55 -0500 Report

That is a good place to be. Green is good for more than one reason. Wow 42 yrs. and testing 8-12 times a day. That makes me feel a lot better. I only test one maybe some days two times a day. Glad to hear you have the pump I bet it is a lot better than shots.

Jccandals 2012-07-29 03:57:12 -0500 Report

how do you like your pump, my husband and I have discussed the pump for him, we have gone on vacations where his type1 diabetes has been a big issue. ( resembling drunk driving), although I can't talk, (mine, type 2, has gotten worse, and I found myself just sitting at a fastfood restaurant bawling "cause I can't seem to move"), but we have considered the pump, whats the pros and cons

tom1100 2012-07-29 06:06:49 -0500 Report

The pump is great. This is my second pump and this one has CGM. With this I get warning when I go High or Low. With the pump there are no more shots, but you still have to stick yourself every three days with a new supple of insulin and a new sensor for the CGM. All of this and ten or more BG check every day. My A1C's have been running ~ 6.3 so my med team is happy.
I have had this so long that I really have no felling when I go very low. Until I get around 30 any lower and I get in trouble and may need help. A couple of hours later it is possible that I may be over 400. When that happens it take forever to bring it down using the pump. A shot is much better. The problem with that is the Bolus Wizard does not know that you have taken additional insulin. You just have to do what ever works for you.
Would I get the pump again? In a heart beat.

Jccandals 2012-08-06 20:31:36 -0500 Report

I read this whole thing to him just to give him your feedback, were trying to be more diabetic aware :)

tom1100 2012-08-06 21:38:35 -0500 Report

Keep it up and don't let any of it get you down. You are in control of your life and your diabetes. Always the doctors are just practicing medicine, there is not a one that has got it right yet. They are only part of your team, but you are the Captain of the team and your team is a winning team.

Jccandals 2012-08-07 01:54:22 -0500 Report

I like that, I am the captain of my team!, thats great, it makes me feel like it doesnt control me, I control me even though doc says I have it for life :)

Mo-De Mac
Mo-De Mac 2012-07-26 16:09:58 -0500 Report

Hello. I was diagnosed about seven - eight years ago.

Ralph 2012-07-30 20:19:12 -0500 Report

I hope you are doing well with it. That is around as long as I have had it. I feel better hearing all these stories and seeing that my case is not as bad as others. Dibetes is and can be a bad thing or a good thing as I have seen on these posts. God bless

diabetic28 2012-07-26 09:45:10 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with type 2 and I am trying to learn what I can do this is overwhelming and I hope I can get it with diet and exercise and not take meds eventually

jayabee52 2012-07-26 09:57:23 -0500 Report

I manage my Blood Glucose (BG) levels by eating a low carb high protein meal plan. You might want to look at this discussion on what I do here ~

To your improving health

James Baker

Ralph 2012-08-02 20:40:12 -0500 Report

I read it. The only thing I see is that some DR. told me not to overdo my protein for a long period of time. It could cause problems with kidneys (ketosis) I hope I spelled it right. It also sound like a diet I tried to loose weight years ago call "The Mayo Diet" It was eat all the meats you want. No carbs, no white vegs, no breads. There were other things I can't remember. It also said not to stay on that diet more than two weeks. After you were off of it for a few days you could get back on it. The Mayo Clinic used it to help people loose weight before heart surgery.

techguy87114 2012-07-25 09:45:09 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed in February of this year. Im a newbie! Since then- my outlook has changed for sure. I eat better foods, get out and excercise and all around have a higer level of "conciousness" about who I am, who I want to be etc.. While I do manage my T2 with meds for now.. a long term goal is to do it w/ foods and excercise only.


Ralph 2012-07-30 20:21:48 -0500 Report

Me too. I hope one day they will find a cure. I still will eat right and exercise if they do. Keep up the good work. My wife has type 2 and with exercise and diet she no longer has to take meds.

angry diabetic
angry diabetic 2012-07-25 00:34:23 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 8 years ago.. i have not accepted it, not will i ever.. i have depression constantly and i do not eat right, or inject when i am supposed to.. i am filled with anger and frustration because of this curse.. i do not know how long i will last :(

rayray215 2012-07-30 22:51:29 -0500 Report

i had diabetes for 6 yrs i have depression really bad aswell i dont take care of my diabetes its just to dam hard if i would eat how im suppose to i would prolly end up weighing 100 pounds an i tried eatin like im suppose to its to hard im still hungry i cut back greatly on the sweets but the portains size is wat kills me i havent takein a shot of insulin or my meds n like 2 months an my bs run anywhere from 400/600 idn though 4 sure i dont check my blood

tom1100 2012-07-30 21:40:35 -0500 Report

You sound a lot like my nephew. He was in grad school at U Of Iowa when he was caught and told he had type 1. He didn't do anything to help himself and a few years later he had to have a kidney and prancres transplant. That gave him a second chance, but most of the damage had already been done. He has had to have a second kidney transplant and most of his organs are almost shot. He was a 6' 220 lb. man. I know he wishes he had not listened to his father who told him no one in his family could get diabetes. one of his three sisters has also had to have the same transplants. She at least tries to do what is right for her. Don't let it control you. You must control it and that means there are somethings that just do not belong in your life. After a few more years you will learn that what you want can be fit into your life if you plan for it. Get a better outlook on life. No one but yourself can do the things that you need in your life. Life is much easier to live with a smile on your face.

Jccandals 2012-07-29 04:07:14 -0500 Report

my husband has type one, I have type 2, heres the thing, you have ppl who love you, and a community around you, if you don't manage it, then it will effect others, sorry just saying the truth, but there are groups like these that hopefully will help you understand you are not alone. We all have to change the way we eat and live. I have been in denial myself, my husband was childhood onset so hes been dealing with his for a long time, we have some of the same issues and some that are different. For instance, because he takes "shots" , his blood sugars can easily run low, and when I say "low" I mean scary low. Make sure you are more aware when you exercise. Start with a small goal each day until you make it your lifestyle. Maybe start with the easiest task, perhaps, know when to take your shots. Most take them right before a meal, and check in between to make sure they dont need a little more a couple hours after the meal, but be careful with that because blood sugars lower easily on activity,and if you took an extra shot and wait to long for a meal, then you may be in trouble. Always take snacks with you, they also sell gluclose tabs. Make sure you have a bracelet that lets ppl know you are a diabetic, it can be mistaken when you are low for drunkeness, and problems can arise from that. I hope I am not offending anyone on here but I believe this to be helpful inform. Good luck on it. Try a new habit change daily, now heres to me on taking my own advice!

Ralph 2012-07-25 18:52:06 -0500 Report

Sorry to hear that. If not for my faith I too would be as you are. I see it also as it could be worse, cancer or some other bad disease. I have always tried to do the best that I could with whatever comes my way. God is still good.

CaliKo 2012-07-24 17:21:31 -0500 Report

Since December 2008 for me. I was not too surprised, with diabetes in my family and having had gestational diabetes. I went to CDE classes and learned what I needed to do and got on a healthy diet and exercise regimen and lost weight. Now it's just a battle to maintain my weight and find the time to exercise each day.

Ralph 2012-07-25 18:56:22 -0500 Report

I know what you mean. It is hard for me to loose weight also. I also find it hard to exercise some days. Like today, I got up and felt really tired so I ate breakfast and I had to lay back down to sleep, got up around lunch (12) ate and was still tired so I layed back down ans slep till my wife got me up at 4:30 to eat dinner. The reason was another seziure. I have them every week. Tomorrow I hope is a better day.

mscraig2u 2012-07-24 15:27:17 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed in 1980 w/type 1 diabetes at age 15. After spending 35 days in the hospital w/ reputured appendix the following year.I have had type 1 diabetes for 32 years. I test my bs 6 -12 times a day. Sliding scale w/ my insulin. I watch my food intake and exercise daily.
Since I have lost most of my family to this disease from kidney & liver failure.
I have experienced what this disease can do and seen what it did to my family.
I am just so thankful :)

Ralph 2012-07-25 19:20:45 -0500 Report

Sorry about your family. Good to hear you are on the right path to helping yourself. I hope all goes good for you. It makes me feel a lot better off. I only test my BS one time a day and only takes meds. I try to eat right and exercise. I am thankful to hear from people like yourself who go thru so much and still are thankful for what they have. God bless.

mscraig2u 2012-07-25 22:17:24 -0500 Report

Thank you. I "try" to keep a tight control on my bs. I see my dr. every 3 months for follow ups. I make sure that I see the eye dr once a year,and dentist 2 twice a year. It helps! Some kind of exercise daily to help w/ circulation.I've had surgeries through out the years, kidney failure during my pregnancy. Since the birth of my son 17 yrs ago. I ws in good condition before he was born. But try to remain in good health even more so since then. I have found that exercise and watching what I eat is the key for me and testing my bs 6 -12 times a day depending.
I don't want to lose my eyes,fingers,toes, kidneys,etc… Plus it helps stay thin and in shape.
Are you a type 1 or 2 diabetic? My mom was diagnosed w/ type 2 in her fifties. She passed away at age 65 from kidney failure. My sister was diagnosed at age 11 yrs old and passed away at age 43. That was in the 1960's. T
hings have really progressed since then. Even since I was diagnosed. I am truly blessed.
Have you ever thought about taking your bs more often during the day and at night?
Take care of yourself :) God Bless

mityjoe67 2012-07-24 13:37:20 -0500 Report

I have been a type one diabetic for 37 years. I became diabetic when I was 8 years old. Lots has changed since I first became diabetic and I would say I am actually thankful that I became diabetic so young, becuase I am not sure how well I would had adjusted if I had been older. Not saying I enjoy being diabetic, but I know no other way of living.

IronOre 2012-08-02 01:27:44 -0500 Report

I have been T1 37 years too.
Yes things have changed, but I don't think for the better. I felt much better back when insulin was animal based.
I got it when I was 14 yrs old and I pretty much did everything myself with it. Not that my parents wouldn't help ~ it's just that I was (and still am) a stubborn and independent person.

mityjoe67 2012-08-02 09:25:15 -0500 Report

hahahaha.. at least you realize your stubborn, being 8, I couldn't be too stubborn. I will say the only good thing with the animal based insulin it was much, much easier to determine when I was having lows. I really haven't felt any difference after switching but it has been such a long time now since I switched, I think 20 years this year. Do you recall how loing it has been since you switched? The other types of insulin are suppose to be much better for us.

IronOre 2012-08-02 12:12:48 -0500 Report

I think it has been 20 years for me too, maybe 21-22.
I am not sure how these new ones are suppose to be better for us as the animal based ones had four important hormones "built in", including Amylin and Peptin.
Yes, I could feel the lows much easier back then. It was a good half hour before I started to feel low to where I absolutely needed to eat (or drink) something.
A good thing is that I never needed to take my shot while I was in school, as the kids do now. I would have hated to go to the nurse before lunch everyday to do that.

Ralph 2012-07-25 19:24:38 -0500 Report

So true. I was in my 50's. I had to do some adjusting. I was already exercising because of a bad back. My eating habits had to be changed a little. I have a weakness for sweets at times. I now am doing a lot better. If I eat sweets I check the carbs and allow for it.

mityjoe67 2012-07-25 20:39:37 -0500 Report

That is so awesome. When I got switched to the pump, I was taking a class with a guy and we had to detail a normal day, as thi sgentleman did he noted after working out he drank a huge container of fruit juice. The nurse kept trying to explain to him he was not going to be able to do that and he just wasn't going to change. I think that is the most difficult thing when becoming a T1 or even a T2, the acceptance the way you lived has to change, the better you are at handling that the easier living with diabetes will become and it sounds like you are doing a great job with it. keep up the good work

Ralph 2012-07-30 20:25:27 -0500 Report

Thanks you. I believe in being healthy. I have always been active and have also liked to eat good foods. As my DR has always said "keep a positive outlook and it will make thing better."

dietcherry 2012-07-24 19:50:01 -0500 Report

I feel the same way! Children are so much more adaptable than adults!!

mityjoe67 2012-07-24 20:39:28 -0500 Report

well, I am not sure about being adaptable.When you are told you can't leave the table until you have eaten everything on your plate, you are kind of stuck. lol And even though I had to eat a lot of stuff, I was not happy about, I do owe my mom a huge debt of thanks because if it wasn't for her, I am not sure how long I would have gone without knowing I was diabetic. Back in the 70's diabetes was not in the news and people hardly knew anything about it.

dietcherry 2012-07-24 21:17:22 -0500 Report

lol So you adapted under duress ;-) I had D almost a year before I was diagnosed in the ER cuz Mom refused to leave yet again without knowing what was happening to me. Anyone who knew me could see I was deathly ill but Dr after Dr told us for months that I only had a virus :(

mityjoe67 2012-07-24 21:24:08 -0500 Report

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that and glad things turned out o.k. for you. But I guess that is what happens back in the dark ages of diabetes. :) I think my mom enjoyed trying to be a doctor and telling them when they were wrong. I never drank milk as a kid then suddenly I was drinking a gallon almost every other day. I can still remember the breakfast I had to eat before the testing and what I was doing when I found out that I had to go to the hospital. That was the end of my brilliant T-ball career. lol

Jccandals 2012-08-07 01:42:10 -0500 Report

my husband wanted to be a fireman :( he had to change to becoming a social worker, and now is a wonderful social worker for the VA system, we both manage our jobs well but we both had to change our goals :(, sorry to hear you all had to do the same

dietcherry 2012-08-07 09:47:41 -0500 Report

Yes its a very common theme among T1s as we are typically diagnosed in adolescence. The beauty of it is that children are adaptable and even though we may be shut out of certain careers we excel at others because our struggles gave us qualities that serve us very well later in life—-social work is a wonderful example of this very thing!
Give your T1 a hug from me!

norcal4 2012-07-23 21:08:46 -0500 Report

I've been type 1 for 18 years and was diagnosed when I was 7. At first I really didn't understand and I hated taking shots but it has been so long I'm used to it and everyone close to me thinks it's normal too

Ralph 2012-07-25 19:28:02 -0500 Report

I hate shots. I have went thru a lot of shots and test the last 5-8 yr. The Dr. finally said we do not have an answer for your seziures at this time. I am ok with not taking meds which do not help. All I get from them are the side effects. My BS has been good after changing from actos to metformin. God is good.

spiritwalker 2012-07-23 20:37:42 -0500 Report

I have been diabetic since 1986. I have faced many more health challenges.
I keep an A1C of around 6. I exercise daily and keep total carbs under 18 per day.
Diabetes is simply when compared with bone cancer, asthma and allergies.

Ralph 2012-07-25 19:31:12 -0500 Report

Wow 18 carbs per day. My DR and the classes I took told me to keep mine at 30-60 max a meal. I was also told that I have to eat at lease so many carbs because I take metformin. I am also glad I have dibetes vs other types of diseses. It could be worse.

spiritwalker 2012-07-25 21:24:40 -0500 Report

I have had a couple of replys and fell I must clarify. 15 grams of carb = 1 total carb or100 calories. I eat 18 total carbs or 1800 cal per day.
Hope everyone has a good day.

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