Good Habits / Bad Habits?

Amy Tenderich
By Amy Tenderich Latest Reply 2010-09-21 10:53:43 -0500
Started 2008-05-16 06:37:39 -0500

Little "bad habits" like noshing while cooking take on this HUGE meaning when you're living with diabetes, don't they?

What about any good diabetes habits you guys have developed?

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CaliKo 2010-09-21 10:53:43 -0500 Report

I guess my best new habit is trying all sorts of new foods, and finding some I really, really like/am addicted to that I never ate before being diagnosed. Like roasted red bell peppers, blueberries, jicama, salmon, tuna steaks… I could go on and on.

GabbyPA 2008-11-16 15:31:12 -0600 Report

My good habits that I have devleoped are things like not testing until after I have prepared my meal...keeps me from sampling along the way. The other that I am very happy with is my exercise. I never used to do anything, now I walk every day and somedays I even do extra.

My bad habits that I have not overcome yet are not measuring my foods. I do sometimes, but more often than not, I don't and that means I am still eating too much. The other thing that I can't seem to get a grip on is my moods. I know why they swing so bad, I just can't seem to stop them.

CaliKo 2010-09-21 10:51:48 -0500 Report

The worst "mood" time for me is if I'm taking longer than usual getting dinner on the table in the evenings. So sometimes I do sample while I cook if I don't need to test before dinner that day, just to keep myself from snapping at someone I love.
I too, need to get back in the habit of measuring.

debbie 2008-11-15 21:11:52 -0600 Report

A good habit I have is talking with people about what they eat and exercise, eating more fruits, vegtables, fiber and watching their carbohydrates.
Bad habits: I have lots of them but one in particular, is eating what I know I shouldn't when I am home. My sisters have a really bad habit of bringing Ice Cream, cookies, and candy in the house. I do really good when I am at work. I can stay away from it or reject it when someone offers it, but at home I can't keep myself away from it when I know it's right there in front of me.

teddybearcub1960 2008-10-08 03:25:04 -0500 Report

good habit I am always looking for new information on diabetes and research on diabetes.

bad habit I give into cravings when I know I shouldn't

NamVet - 21894
NamVet - 21894 2008-10-08 02:58:22 -0500 Report

I guess a good habit I have is looking for more Info on Diabetes, reading about it, talking about it and of course Living It!!

JP - 14811
JP - 14811 2008-05-17 04:34:43 -0500 Report

Bad habit - giving in to cravings when I know I shouldn't.
Good habit - I joined the YMCA and swim 5 days a week for an hour… I am addicted to it now. I also go for long walks when I can in addition to swimming. Exercise is very important in the control of Diabetes as we all know and I finally found something that I've never gotten bored with.. yay!!!

jupton1 2008-05-17 03:20:21 -0500 Report

Good Habits / Bad Habits..My bad habit is wanting to give up and eat sweets..My good habit is I honestly no now I cant do this..

azmisty 2008-05-16 12:58:30 -0500 Report


Great subject. I would say one of my best habits is that I am always searching for more info and trying to learn as much as possible about type II. My worst habit…getting sick of watching what I eat like a hawk and then consuming too much sugar.