Erectile Dysfunction...Let's Talk About It!

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Erectile Dysfunction is a "man's " thing!
(But your mate suffers also!)

The thing that "dangles" between your legs does just that, it "dangles".

There is a reason for all things, and a cure for most, including Erectile Dysfunction, but you must be willing to admit that you are having a problem at first, by not doing so you may make things (as well as your life and mental health) worse.

Many things can cause Erectile Dysfunction in men, and if you are a diabetic, diabetes is one of them:

Getting your blood glucose level under control is a "must" if you want to combat this disorder.

Although there are medications that "may" help you to maintain an erection:

As well as devices:

And you can also receive a free, (yes it's free) sample of Cialis directly from the manufacturer:

You still should manage your diabetes and see your doctor concerning this.
See a Urologist, a medical professional who specializes in this medical field.

Other contributors to ED can be Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Low Testosterone, all of which must be properly diagnosed by a medical professional:

Erectile Dysfunction can also put a strain on a marriage or a relationship.
There is no shame in discussing this problem with your mate, set aside the "Machoness" Erectile Dysfunction affects more men than you will ever know, so why place a strain your relationship concerning this?

Talk about it, and visit your doctor together!

After all, it's a lot easier to manage your condition(s) and to know that it works when you need it to, instead of trying to "jump start" it by "coughing" trying to get it up when it would rather "dangle or hang" instead!

Handle your business before the damage becomes permanent!


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Swordofwords 2012-07-23 15:04:48 -0500 Report

Nowdays, one does not not have to have an erection for a successful sensual life. We have fingers, mouth and various toys (widely acceptable, nowdays) that can complete the…it's NOT a task. but involvment. Cialis working: all the better, but not the end of the world.

MAYS 2012-07-23 15:26:55 -0500 Report

I agree, we (men) possess many tools at our disposal (use your imagination).
The most important one is (IMHO) the mouth!

I am not talking about "oral sex" (that's another discussion on another site) but rather spoken words, the very same mouth that speaks the words to capture a woman's heart long enough for her to fall in love with you, is the same mouth that can speak the words of concern when there is a major issue at hand in your marriage, or relationship.

Before she can be understanding, you have to try to get her to understand what is going on, don't say," It's my problem" let her be a part of the solution, the more the two of you know about Erectile Dysfunction, the better off everyone will be, after allo, it isn't "taboo" it's a fact of life for some men, but there is help and it starts with communicating verbally.

Once that is done, and you start seeing your doctor and a plan of action is put into place, you will feel a whole lot better, then you can start doing other things with your mouth but like I said, that is another completely different discussion!