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Hi I am engaged to a wonderful man who has diabetes type1 since he was 16, he is 36 now and we just started living together.
What I never realized is that there is a catch to it and I am really looking for help here, he is ALWAYS tired… His libido is very poor while I am very active sexually.. I believe he is also having erectile dysfunction already..
I LOVE HIM, but I am very very frustrated… He keeps telling me this is out of the ordinary, he has suffered from severe gastritis and had anemia, he has got new blood tests and seems he has no anemia anymore… although he keeps saying this is nor normal and he has something else.
I would like to hear from people with diabetes type1 if this is something normal.
I love him but I do not think I can handle the almost never sex plus he being always tired…
HELP ME PLEASE I haven't get married yet!

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JohnB52 2015-05-17 12:55:16 -0500 Report

Same problem here, and it was something I had to learn to deal with (Sadly.) I was also told that my age played a part, because dropping testosterone levels wouldn't help at all. I looked into it and found a lot of good things said about natural supplements that can improve testosterone levels (control of the diabetes itself is important too.) One of them was DHEA: - So I pursued that line and asked around - there was a brand called "Life Extension" that you can get from GNC or what-have-you, and I've been using it to great effect. Make sure whatever your husband takes doesn't interfere with proper medical care or meds, though.

I know this is an old post, but I specifically searched the topic because it is kind of important to many of us and I wanted to see if anything new has come up on the subject. Figured I'd toss in on this one, though. =)

sharon7112 2012-07-21 09:51:22 -0500 Report

Men who have had diabetes a considerable tlme do have the risk if erectile disfunction especially if their control is not well. Ask him to speak to his doctors.

samiks82 2012-07-19 21:13:56 -0500 Report

I am a t1d and i have had it since 1993. I am almost 30 now. I have had my boyfriend for clsoe to 5 years now. He has delt with me going through dka anemia retnaopathy neropathy and just recently lost sight in my left eye. I have also had problems with sex and its not easy. If you love him and want to be with him you need to be patient. Also go to his drs appointments and ask him to show you paper work from his lab results. It has helped my boyfriend understand better when he knows exactly whats going on with me.

MAYS 2012-07-19 07:26:16 -0500 Report

Been there, dealt with it.
Although diabetes can cause ED, there are a few other factors to consider as well (talk to his\your doctor) they range from high cholesterol, low testosterone, high blood pressure, neuropathy…please have patience and try to be a little more considerate, it's not easy for him either, some men handle it one way and others differently but it does have an effect on a man's mind although he may not tell you so.

There are medications to help (talk to your\his doctor first) you can receive a free sample of Cialis from here, all you need is a prescription from a doctor:

Hold him close and tell him that everything will be alright.
It's a male thing, but the key to resolving it is the understanding of a woman, a good loving, understanding woman!

James (jayabee52) is giving you some great advice, take it and run with it, straight to the doctor with your man in tow!


Prprincess0923 2012-07-21 22:29:56 -0500 Report

Hi Mays
I know why u going through I'm a diabetic with type 2 and it the opposite from your boy friend my husband is a sexually active person too and I was but since my diabetes I have no desire for any sexually activity. My doctor said its cause my sugars are so high and my body out of wack and I need to control my sugar levels. Just give him time and be patient with him. Good luck mays

jayabee52 2012-07-19 07:02:24 -0500 Report

Howdy Sassypearl.
Congrats on your engagement!
I am type 2, but I do have erectile dysfunction (ED) . I know you asked for feedback from T1s, but since you were not seeming to get many responses I thought I would jump in here because I have ED. (mine is due to Diabetic Neuropathy and a low Testosterone level — so yes it CAN be common for a Person With Diabetes [PWD] but it is not always the case. Each PWD is different)

I had developed ED during my 1st marriage and was a factor in its breakup.
I met and married another woman years after the divorce, and even though I had ED and libido issues and she had difficulties finding "satisfaction", we loved each other and those things, while a bit frustrating for us both, we didn't let it get in our way with enjoying being with one another. Unfortunately my 2nd "bride" passed from this life, and now I am with another lady and we enjoy one another too. The physical act of sex, while important, need not be the only thing about the relationship. One can have an amazing relationship without the physical act.

I being tired all the time may be a sign that his insulin to carb ratio may need tweaking. Urge him to check with his Dr. If he does not see an Endocrinologist who specializes in Diabetes, it might be good if he would get a referral to one.

I pray you both get this difficulty handled.

Blessings of better health to you both!

James Baker