Can't Afford Certain Diabetes, Hypertension or Antibiotic Medications?

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One way to save money on the purchase of the drugs you need is to find pharmacies that offer them for free or at a very low cost.

There are several reasons why drug pricing is reduced, beyond these sellers just wanting to lure you into their store! There are also rules you must follow to make the purchase. As long as you understand what those reasons and rules are, it will be safe to purchase or obtain your drugs from these sellers.

Please note that the stores or pharmacies that are taking part in this venture are many, and located all across this country (usa).
Some may be in your area, others may not be, so take a look at the list by clicking on the link below to see what is in your area, and what medications they are offering for free, or at a reduced price.

A Note About Free Antibiotics:

Remember that overuse of antibiotics is one reason we have so many problems with superbug infections now. Had we not been taking antibiotics for every little sniffle all these years, we would not have so many deaths from hospital-acquired and other life-threatening infections. My word of advice? Ask your doctor to make the recommendation. Don't tell your doctor you need an antibiotic.

A Note about Low-Cost Generic Drugs:

Before you go looking for these low-cost drugs, check with your insurance company (if applicable). In some cases, the cost of getting your prescription through your plan may cost less than using these resources.


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