running a low grade fever between 99.3-100.7 for 11 days now.

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I've been diabetic since last May. I lost about 60 lbs. eat right and keep my sugar under control with diet. I had been feeling great until a couple weeks ago.
On the 4th of July I was running a fever of about 100.7 so I layed down, was a little achey, skipped a meal but up around 5 and ate. next morning, felt tired, went to take my dog out, suddenly felt naucious, tried to make it to the bathroom but passed out. came to with my cheek on the floor and a great view of my kitchen floor. I was still out of it. Made attemps to get up and use my cell which luckilly I had with me but was'nt thinking straight. Somehow made it up. Oh, ya, there was blood on the floor. Had to open the door to let Buddy in. Must have passed out again cause when I came to Buddy was looking at me and I was sitting up with my back up against the door. I couldn't move, no energy. Still had my phone! This time I called my Sister who lived a few houses down. They got my to the hospital. My blood pressure was very low still when I got to the hospital, about 90 over 50. My sugar was high, 174 before brkf. My usual BS reading are between 90 - 105 before brkf. They gave my fluids, said i was a little dehydrated and put 3 stapels on my head where I cut it when I fell in the kitchen.
What worries me is the passing out with no warning. Since then, I've been running this low grade fever of 99.3 to just over 100. It's been 11days now. I may wake up and it's normal then through out the day it starts back up. I have no other sypmtoms except I may feel just a little achey while I'm running the fever. I'm not taking anything for it, just letting my body handle it since it is low grade.
Has anyone else had to deal with low grade fevers for long periods or passing out? I don't take insulin or diabetic drugs which could cause me to have low blood sugars.
Thanks, Martha

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Harlen 2012-07-14 12:53:50 -0500 Report

I have ben thrue that I was having heat stroke and dehydration at the same time I was having a reaction to a spider bite .
Lasted for three weeks till I felt right again.
Do hope its something ells and less painfull .
You wish to get a blood test to see what you wight cell count is you may have a low gread infection ???
Best wishes