Have insurance but its not much help

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I do have heath insurance but even with that i cannot afford my medicines they are still very high in price..Every place i find to help says i have to have no coverage at all so i dont know what to do anybody know anywhere that will help even if i already have insurance???

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-07-13 10:46:11 -0500 Report

You can contact the pharmaceutical companies and see if they can help you. There are also prescription cards that will help reduce the cost at the pharmacy. People leave them on my table at the Flea Market every week.

Check to see if you state offers a prescription plan through Social Services and find out if you qualify. You can also ask your doctor if there is another version of the same medication at a lower cost. Tell him/her you cannot afford your medications and see if samples are available. I did that when the doctor gave me a prescription that cost $150.00 for 30 pills and got the same version of the medication that cost $10.00. He said with the lower cost medication I would have to take 3 pills a day instead of 1. I would rather take 3 pills for 10 bucks than 1 pill for 150 bucks.

Nick1962 2012-07-13 08:17:53 -0500 Report

Depending on where you et your insurance (through an employer or free standing/on your own) there may be many options. Check to see if there are other coverage levels for your plan - you may pay slightly higher premiums that may better cover medications, but offer less coverage on things you don't use. Usually, if it's through an employer, the insurance gets reviewed yearly, and you may be able to get them to change policies for better med coverage as a group.

Also, check with your doctor and see if you qualify for generic equivalents of the medications you're taking and be persistant - he may not want you on generics because of listed side effects, but if you can deal with them, it may be worth the cost. I switched to one specific generic that used to cost me about $600 a year (even after insurance) which is now covered completely.
Also, look at what you're taking and see if there are options. many folks take blood pressure and cholesterol meds at the same time, but there are combination drugs like Caduet that serve the same purpose in one pill.

Another thought would be to get a stand alone prescription policy like Humana
(or you can just Google "Prescription Drug Coverage")

These are just a few options I can think of without knowing your specifics, but best of luck!