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Charla Hageman
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Anybody out there know how to get laser surgery for both of your eyes when you do not have insurance? Any thoughts

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DTBanks 2013-04-27 09:32:17 -0500 Report

I have been on Spiriva plus some form of inhaled corticosteroid for 10 years now. I got a bad lung infection and my lung doc put me on oral steroids for a month. The lens in both eyes turned gray/brown and could hardly see. $3000. for laser cataract removal and new lens in both eyes.

chayogarza 2012-07-14 14:22:43 -0500 Report

i have the same problem dr have told me i have( inherited ) cataract from one of my parents because im to young to have that problem

Setzer 2012-07-13 00:05:01 -0500 Report

Are you having bleeding in your eye(s). That's what I had. Got it fixed via laser surgery, had to pay out of pocket 1280$. 10 months later it bled again.

Debbiejf 2012-07-17 17:27:34 -0500 Report

a little late in the day but…I also have blood vessels, in one eye, have been to the eye doc who does the laser surgery and have one more treatment to go. You do know this is caused by uncontrolled bs? I have a friend who went blind from an overzealous eye doc doing the laser surgery on her :(. Blind in one eye. I did have the bleeding a little but it was enough to scare the bejeebers out of me and now there's scarcely any blood in that eye :). I saw on an earlier post of your that you are unable to control your diabetes no matter what you do? Recently about 6 months ago I'd had enough of high sugars and was determined to fix it once and for all. I cut out ALL carbs—pasta, bread, rice all of it. It took awhile but I did get it to go down more often than not and now it's almost stabilized, I was told I have to add 'some' carbs, no a lot but some. I started eating all salads and some meats and that was it. I hate having to measure or count :( so that's why I cut everything I loved out…and at my last 3 month blood work my a1c is 6.3. I am not able to exercise at all so I had to get tough on my food choices. I have started to add just a little bit of carbs and I'm keeping it that way until I get my levels on an even keel. Good luck :)

Charla Hageman
Charla Hageman 2012-07-17 18:27:48 -0500 Report

So did you have insurance to be able to get laser surgery done? Did you have to pay any out of your pocket? There is no one in the town I live in that performs laser surgery. I have to go somewhere else and when you do not have any insurance this has been my problem thus far. So what kind of foods did you eat that had no carbs in it at all?

Yes I do know that it is caused by uncontrolled bs. Two years ago I went into an diabetic coma and my bs was 1076 I should not be alive. I have been working with my doctor and I do have my bs controlled but I would like to control it alot better. My A1C was 7.2 and that is acceptable but I am working like you to get my numbers down. Thanks for your input on my post, Charla

Debbiejf 2012-07-17 23:51:52 -0500 Report

I am among the fortunate that I do have insurance but only because of SSDisability/medicare, no I don't have any out of pocket costs. I also get medicaid. I get really angry for (not at) people who don't have any kind of insurance, especially since it almost seems like diabetes has run rampant in this country :(. Let alone all of the other health problems people face and don't have insur to help. What about medicaid? Have you seen an attorney about SSD? I was denied the first time and it took almost 2 years to get it and I had to have a hearing. What about SSI? Depending on your work history…/ When I changed my eating habits, I switched to veggies only, no corn or peas, no starch, no pasta, no breads nothing white except for cauliflower. Then I would have a small piece of meat, if you can call it that LOL, kielbasa, all beef hotdogs (not sure about carbs there but didn't eat more than 2 in 3 months, 80/20 ground chuck (I make homemade tacos) I guess there was a carb or two in the tortillas but since I only ate them once a month, I saw a diabetes nurse today and she told me I had to add carbs, not many but some. I eat tuna salad,no fruits because that sends my bs skyrocketing. My biggest problem has always been portion control so I figured I would eat whatever I could have as much as I wanted of…veggies. I would sprinkle some grated cheese and even some diced ham on my salads and have salad dressing. Months later my a1c has come down from 13.1 to 6.3. I haven't lost a lot of weight but I can't exercise, it is coming off a couple of pounds at a time so its working :). I didn't know there is sugar in hot dogs (duh!) so now my dogs get the hot dogs, the 'all beef' the kielbasa has corn syrup in it but it's slight. The nurse has told me it would be healthier to add a few carbs so I will but nothing like before :). I want to know, how did you make it out of your d/coma? The highest my bs has been is 600 a couple of times, it took alot to learn what I needed to cut out. It's easier to cut carbs out and then add a little at a time, for me it was. Keep plugging away at SSD. The better your bs gets, you won't have new damage to your eyes, if you can get the laser surgery done, I really wish you well on that ♥.

Charla Hageman
Charla Hageman 2012-07-18 11:38:57 -0500 Report

I was airlifted by helicopter from my local hospital to Rochester Minnesota to St, Marys hospital. I went into ICU on a Sunday night and by Tuesday afternoon, 2 1/2 days later, I was awake and ready to start eating again. I got my own room later in the afternoon.
I have to tell you that I found out later that I did die once and the doctors were able to bring me back. I had alot of medical issues to overcome and even overcame staph infection to. I almost had my right leg amputated but because I had good blood flow the doctors decided against it. I do have some nerve damage though, but thankful I still have it. I have to say that I am one of the fortunate ones that lived through an experience like this.
Thank you for all of the eating tips. I to have a diabetic nurse that I see and can call when I have questions. Thanks also for the support in the area of SSDI and SSI. I am thinking I might try again, I will see.Again Thank you. Charla

Charla Hageman
Charla Hageman 2012-07-14 16:40:33 -0500 Report

No I just have new blood vessels growing but they have not bled yet. That is why they want me to get it done before that happens. the thing is I do not have any insurance and was denied Social Security and Medicare.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-07-12 19:41:25 -0500 Report

I checked into it when I had health insurance and was told it is considered cosmetic surgery not related to an injury and it was not covered. Turns out it won't work for me because of an eye problem I have had all my life, so I never took it further.

Charla Hageman
Charla Hageman 2012-07-12 23:47:10 -0500 Report

My eye problems are do to having high blood sugar and I got this damage in 2010 when I went into a diabetic coma. My blood sugar was 1076 I should not be alive. If I do not have this laser surgery I will gradually go blind. I was denied Social Security twice. I was also denied Medicare as well.

Nick1962 2012-07-12 15:05:25 -0500 Report

Some insurance comapnies (like mine) won't even cover it because it is considered elective. Most places have LASIK financing because of that. If you are considering it, just make sure the treatment and payments are "outcome based" and not a package single price. Depending on age, you may have to go back a few times for "tweaks" which mean additional costs. In other words, if you are paying between $2K and $5K, make sure it's to have your vision at 20/20 (or where ever), not just for the procedure.
There is Care Credit also which is basically a charge card you pay off.

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