What Products Work For You?

By TRKnight2007 Latest Reply 2008-05-02 18:44:11 -0500
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I keep hearing over and over again about the quality of products and how find the right product that works for you. That's exactly what the Product Review section is for. Let's make the great products rise by discussing great product experiences with others on the site. The products that aren't helpful will automatically get voted down by the Community.

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tmana 2008-05-02 17:11:44 -0500 Report

Not sure whether this would really go under "reviews" — where would one put questions and observations regarding the average life of an average device of a particular type of "durable" device (e.g., blood glucose meter, automatic lancing device, etc.) or the average life of a particular make and model of device of that type; also, questions and comments about the typical failure modes of those devices (e.g., error messages on displays; strips will not load completely; wildly incorrect or erratic readings; failure to show "low battery" warnings…)?

TRKnight2007 2008-05-02 18:44:11 -0500 Report


I think it's perfectly appropriate to put comments about specifics in the product reviews in the general comments. There's also a place in discussions to ask questions about specific supplies or devices. Hope this helps.


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