Acai Berry

Charla Hageman
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Started 2008-11-22 02:39:43 +0100

Has anyone trued this? What part of the store do ypu look for it? Is it safe for Diabetics?

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kdroberts 2012-01-27 03:23:06 +0100 Report

The Acai Berry is one of those marketing home runs that has made a lot of money for something that does very little. Unless you live in central or south America you are just getting freeze dried or chemically extracted berries, and generally a very small amount in whatever it is you are eating/drinking. The actual fruit goes rotten within about 24 hours of picking. One thing I found interesting is the people who live around the trees don't really eat it and most don't have much good to say about it, it's only really a hot item in the US and a few other "western" countries. Many have described it as a scam, I don't thank that's far from the truth.

Charla Hageman
Charla Hageman 2012-01-27 17:30:35 +0100 Report

Thanks for your point of view. I have thought in the past to try it but afraid since I have diabetes and I did not know if someone like me should be using it.

Jh862 2008-11-23 01:15:19 +0100 Report

I drink green tea with acai berries - because I heard it was healthy. I really like the taste. I also trie Monamie (sp?) in the past and didn't like the taste of that. I've never eaten the berries by themselves. You can get the tea at Vitamin Shoppes, Republic of Tea and I'm sure at other stores too.

Since it's being touted as such a good source of antioxidants, it's being added to a lot of products. If you don't see something in your store today, wait a few weeks!

caspersmama 2008-11-22 21:42:56 +0100 Report

The wa mart I go to has some juice with it in the produce section. and I have tried it and it is good. It is mixed with pomegranite juice. Also GNC has a viatmin supplement with it, but I found it to be too expensive for me. so good luck on your search.