Type 1 Specific Feedback on Dream Field Pasta

Jade R
By Jade R Latest Reply 2013-06-03 16:20:46 -0500
Started 2012-07-07 20:02:45 -0500

I was wondering if there were any Type One's out there that have tried Dream Field Pasta and how it worked for them. I've looked online for reviews but I think most of the people reviewing are Type Two, and most of them are bad. I bought some but don't know how much insulin I should be taking. Not sure I trust it, probably mostly because I don't understand how it works and they don't really give you a very good answer because it is "patent pending" since 2004.

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Anonymous 2012-07-14 01:09:46 -0500 Report

She is asking ONLY type 1 diabetics this question. As she stated, she can get info from type 2's, which she isn't! PLEASE read carefully before answering.

Jeanette Terry
Jeanette Terry 2012-07-12 18:06:24 -0500 Report

I have wondered too how it would affect someone with type 1. I have yet to try it.

trace775@ymail.com 2012-07-16 11:44:50 -0500 Report

we have tried it still needed to cover for full carbs but it tasted fine…no serious spike after but we cover carbs on normal pasta with same result so for type 1 like was said carbs are carbs.

arsmithsr 2012-07-10 15:20:35 -0500 Report

Has anyone else tried the omega 3 pasta's? They are whole grain more protein and fiber resulting in only 15 net carbs. The work for me and tates like regular pasta to me.

Kats49 2013-06-02 19:57:41 -0500 Report

i find that the omega three pastas have great flavor and as long as I keep my carb count in the right zone for me, my BS doesn't spike. I had to learn to eat in smaller quantity, which now my tummy is use to and my BS are good

DeanaG 2012-07-08 17:25:35 -0500 Report

Not Type 1, but wanted to share my experience with Dreamfields.
I have tried the whole wheat pastas, but found they spiked my blood sugar. I tried Dreamfields and found that at 2 hours after eating spaghetti made with Dreamfields my blood sugar was around 120. I have had good experiences with all of their products.

Anonymous 2012-07-14 01:12:42 -0500 Report

She was specifically asking type 1's as we deal differently then type 2's. It's nice you wanted to add your experience, but NOT what she asked for!

DeanaG 2012-07-10 09:42:45 -0500 Report

We had Dreamfields pasta last night with chicken and mushrooms and 2 hours after my blood sugar was 104!!

jigsaw 2012-07-08 17:00:37 -0500 Report

Ordinary pasta including whole wheat will send my bg (blood glucose) to uncomfortable levels. Although I love pasta, I had to stop eating it until I discovered Dreamfields. As long as I eat a small quantity, my bg seems to be ok. My bg will peak at about 130 or so at the 2 hour mark. Dreamfields processes their pasta in a way that slows the carb absorbtion into the body. It works for me, and occasionally but seldom, I treat myself.
Here is an excerpt from a link:

Unique Qualities

What makes Dreamfields Pasta unique? How it is different than the other pastas?

Like other premium pastas, Dreamfields Pasta is made primarily with durum wheat semolina. That is why it has the great taste, texture, and cuts (shapes) of traditional pasta. Beyond that, Dreamfields has three unique differences:

•Dreamfields’ unique recipe and manufacturing process, which are patented, protect all but 5 grams of the carbohydrates per serving (2 ounces dry, or about 5 ounces cooked) from being digested. As a result, the blood glucose rise from eating Dreamfields pasta is lower than that from traditional pasta.
•Dreamfields contains inulin, which is a 100 percent natural prebiotic fiber found in common foods such as Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), asparagus, garlic, and raisins. By providing a food source for healthy bacteria living in the gut, prebiotics such as inulin may: help promote healthy digestion, support a healthy immune system, and improve calcium absorption.
•Dreamfields Pasta is the only pasta clinically shown to have a lower glycemic index than traditional pasta (65% lower).

old biker
old biker 2012-07-09 17:51:17 -0500 Report

What do you eat it with..I love pasta and meat sauce and had to give it up..the pasta and tomato sauce combination would send my BS into orbit

jigsaw 2012-07-09 18:24:41 -0500 Report

I caution you to only try a small amount at first. I eat it with tomato sauce and ground beef. I also make my own turkey sausages, so I know whats in them. The portion size is just a tease for me, but a side salad is enough to finish me off. The beef or turkey (protein) definitely help to slow the carb absorbtion. If your like me and you over do the portion size, fasten your seatbelt as your bg will take off, although not as severe as other brands of pasta.

Controlled 2012-07-10 11:06:41 -0500 Report

Exactly! I didn't help me at all, I stopped eating it. I do eat Shiratake noodles and can eat quite a bit of them because they are so low carb. They basically absorb the taste of anything you cook them with, which is a polite way of saying they have no taste on their own. They're especially great for "asian" type dishes like stir fry.

jigsaw 2012-07-11 05:33:38 -0500 Report

I am familiar with Shiratake in that I have heard and read about them. I haven't tried them because I haven't seen them anywhere!

jigsaw 2012-07-11 20:50:18 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby, but I will only try them when I find them locally. From your description, they don't sound very appetizing, but like you said, one would have to try them to really knoiw.

GabbyPA 2012-07-13 15:52:18 -0500 Report

I always say I will never turn up my nose at things I have not tried. I will try something at least once, sometimes twice before I write it off...or put in my Yumm list! I have found a lot of great foods through experimenting.

old biker
old biker 2012-07-09 19:02:12 -0500 Report

Got it !! Thanks..I used enjoy sitting down to a big plate of pasta and red sauce..That was BD (before diabetes) I will check BG before and two hours after..I got my BGL right where I want it, I am afraid to try anything new at times..I know small portions :-)

Kats49 2013-06-03 16:20:46 -0500 Report

My family gave up pasta or close to it 20 yrs ago mainly because of the way it affected my hubby's BS…i refuse to make separate meals for all the family. I made more chicken Parmesan with extra cheese for him not me and the kids. He as a type I couldn't keep the weight on. Me the opposite.

jigsaw 2012-07-10 05:47:30 -0500 Report

I had given up pasta for many years. It was my dietician (that works hand n hand with my endo) that recommended an occasional small portion of pasta with some protein mixed in.
If my bg goes to high after a meal, I take a quick walk 15 to 20 min and it levels off!
As per my dietician, she believes that to much carb restriction can actually increase your sensitivity to carbs. So then the intro of a bit to many carbs is like a shock to the body, and sends your bg soaring even more so. I experienced this first hand. By increasing my carbs in moderation of course and the variety of foods that supply them, I have reduced my sensitivity to carbs. My a1c has remained constant.

Jade R
Jade R 2012-07-08 19:19:38 -0500 Report

I know for a fact that Dream Fields is not patented yet. Also, I know all the theory behind it and I've looked at the studies and reviews online, what I was looking for in response to this post was Type 1's personal experience with it.

DeanaG 2012-07-08 21:21:53 -0500 Report

Just curious, why only Type 1's??

Jade R
Jade R 2012-07-08 22:22:57 -0500 Report

Because I'm Type 1 not Type 2. Hoping someone who needs insulin shots, not because their Type 2 diabetes has gotten so bad that they need them but because their body stopped producing insulin altogether. And hopefully someone with a CGM. I see Type 1 as more of an exact science and I'm looking for how other Type 1's have handed it.

jigsaw 2012-07-08 19:47:49 -0500 Report

I guess I can't help you then. Maybe the info I posted will help others.
Possibly a type one will respond to you with exactly what you are looking for!

Type1Lou 2012-07-08 15:58:10 -0500 Report

I eschew pasta in any form. My husband loves his spaghetti so I do make it for him but instead of putting the pasta on MY plate, I use French style green beans and cover it with sauce and cheese. That way, we're both happy but I eat way fewer grams of carb and also increase my fiber intake. (I find that this way, I don't even miss the pasta.) For lasagna, I'll make 2 small pans, one with pasta for him and another substituting zucchini or eggplant for the pasta on mine. If you must eat pasta, I would go with the carbs per serving and bolus accordingly.

DeanaG 2012-07-08 17:26:22 -0500 Report

Great ideas, will have to give those a try!! ;-)

Type1Lou 2012-07-09 09:34:02 -0500 Report

Deana, I also remember seeing a lasagna recipe that used par-boiled cabbage leaves instead of lasagna noodles. I made that once and liked it too.

Kats49 2013-06-02 20:07:10 -0500 Report

I have been making vegetable lasagna for years that subs zucchini strips for the pasta. Just have to saute the strips before layering into your dish, they will add more juice that the pasta, squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can. My hubby was type 1 and I am type 2. He got to the point that he didn't care for pasta except for an occasional serving of homemade mac and cheese baked. Then the rest of the pan went to the kids.

CaliKo 2012-07-09 18:24:18 -0500 Report

Have you tried sauce on spaghetti squash? That's the closest to pasta without being pasta in my opinion.

Type1Lou 2012-07-10 09:56:34 -0500 Report

Yeah, I've tried the spaghetti squash but it doesn't float my boat (to mix metaphors). I'll stick to my green beans…But ain't it great that we have so many choices!

Nick1962 2012-07-08 15:43:02 -0500 Report

Not a T1 but want to add a little wrinkle here. With pasta (any brand), many times what I ate it with had different effects and my BG. If I had it with a tomato sauce, I'd go sky high, even though tomato sauce alone wouldn't spike me too bad. Through discussions here I learned that some things like tomato (lycopene) actually pull more carbs along with them into your system. Pesto produced less of a spike. Same with pizza - regular, huge spike - white (no tomato sauce) about 70% of regular. Just my .02.

Harlen 2012-07-08 14:52:55 -0500 Report

The thing is carbs are carbs its all in what you take in .
I dont care for it, I would rather just eat less
Your on the pump ?
As a T1 as long as you cover for what you take in all will be well
As I sed a carb is a carb
How its made -they use fieber from wheat,wood,rice and other things that are not listed-for pat pending-
Good luck and best wishes

Debbiejf 2012-07-12 17:19:28 -0500 Report

I agree with you Harlen, carbs are carbs no matter how you slice it. I gave up the pasta and breads and I am doing just fine without them as well as all the cakes, cookies, etc. anything that has sugar, corn syrup and such. I was hard-headed about it all to begin with and am paying the price dearly for it but after working sooo hard and giving up soo much I finally have my a1c down to 6.3 and am much happier and healthier for it :). Like I told both the dietician and my doctor, if I can't eat as much as I want of it, I don't want to eat any of it…I'll find something that I can eat that won't send my bg skyrocketing and turn my body into an inferno (latest symptom of bg on the high rise). Seriously I feel like I have a temp of 105 and it isn't pretty :(, so I'll do without to feel better and be better.

Debbiejf 2012-07-12 17:20:21 -0500 Report

btw this includes chicken noodle soup :(

Debbiejf 2012-07-14 00:52:03 -0500 Report

I love homemade chicken soup :) too, and even worse I love homemade chicken and dumplings more :(.

Jade R
Jade R 2012-07-08 19:21:25 -0500 Report

A carb is not just a carb according to this label. The carbs it has in a serving is 41 but they claim you will only absorb 5. Sort of a big difference.

GabbyPA 2012-07-18 09:19:54 -0500 Report

Yeah the whole fiber vs carb game is not one that I play with too much. It gets too easy to over do things when you do it that way. Plus the way my diabetes educator said to calculate the net carbs is different than that of the manufacturers, so I stick with my method and I think it is closer to reality.

I was taught that you take the total carbs, subtract half the fiber grams only if it are 3 or more and that gives you your net carbs. I don't know what they are calling a "protected Carb" So for me the single serving of Dreamfields Pasta is:
41 carbs - 2.5 fiber = 38.5 carbs per serving. That is not that great or different from regular.

Now in their defense, there is something to be said about their protected carbs, because I do not spike with Dreamfields like I do with even whole wheat pasta. But it is still a game, and one that can be dangerous to play.

Type1Lou 2012-07-09 09:40:42 -0500 Report

Marketing ploy IMHO…just like touting the "net carbs" on many of the "so-called" diet snack foods. I prefer to use the total carbs. If I were prone to purchase and eat the Dreamfields, I would test 1 and 2 hours after I ate to see how it affected me, particularly since we all might all differ in our individual tolerances to foods (like your experience with the eggs which do not raise my BG but raised yours).

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