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I haven't been on here long so I apologize if this subject has been written about but has anyone else had a drastic change in their vision due to Type 2. I had an exam 10 months ago and the Dr. couldn't believe the change, not in my vision but in my astygmastism. My tear ducts have almost completely quit working so I am on prescription eye drops that promote tearing. I am so new to this that these kind of things are very scarey to me since I don't know what to expect. Any help as always in greatly appreciated. All of you on here have already helped save my sanity at points so I want to thank you in advance for your help. Have a great evening.

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DeanaG 2012-07-09 09:32:17 -0500 Report

A month before I was diagnosed I had an eye exam and new glasses made. After being diagnosed and getting my blood sugar down I couldn't see very well at all, everything was blurry, with or without the new glasses. Ended up having to get my glasses remade. Since getting my blood sugar back down to a more "normal" range the blurry vision is gone.

Nick1962 2012-07-08 15:28:46 -0500 Report

Just had an exam and my astygmatism is getting worse, but my overall vision is getting better. My eye guy tells me that age has a lot to do with it, and your eyes will change no matter what. There are a bunch of things that can have an effect on the eyes - blood pressure, sinus issues, seasonal allergies, etc. we just have to be a little more vigilant.
The last 3 times i went in I got the "snapshot test" rather than getting dialated
and this test can allow the Dr. to differentiate between age and diabetes issues.
If your guy doesn't have this technology, it'd be worth finding one who does.

Harlen 2012-07-08 14:58:38 -0500 Report

We get infections easy ,in the eye ducts and the eyes how are your #s running ?
The higher we let the # go and the longer we let it go the more things that will go rong .Thats not to sey thats what you did .It may just be the way D is afecting you .
I hope things get better for you
best wishes