It's Only Human Nature (To Want What We Want)

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Let's face it, diabetes stinks!

The possible complications that can result because of it, is frightening!

The cost associated with the managing of it, is staggering!

Who would ever want this terrible disease?

It's no wonder that diabetics look for an easy way out of this disease.
We welcome the news (and fallacies) of possible cures, and of products that ease many of the symptoms related to diabetes, the way a child eagerly awaits their birthday to see which gifts they will receive, with enthusiasm!

It's human nature.

But so is dealing with the truth of having diabetes itself.
As of date, there are no cures for diabetes, sad but true!

All we can do is manage our diabetes to the best of our ability, our consulation "prize" is in knowing that "we" can control the cruelty of the beast!

Diabetes management can be frustrating, good numbers today, bad ones tomorrow, feeling great one minute, feeling terrible the next.

It's not easy wearing a cloak of despair, " Why me" has been uttered many times, promises of better living have been promised to one's self, if I could only get rid of this dreaded nightmare!


Fantasy land is a wonderful place to visit, all the pleasures of life and no worries, but let's get back to living in the real world, we must deal with our diabetes.

It's human nature to want what we want, when we want it, so let's increase our desire to "Want to Live" by managing our diabetes better!

No magic pills, just good old fashioned hard work, the type that brings a smile to your face daily when you see your blood glucose numbers going down, the type of smile you have, and the pride that you feel within yourself when your A1c test results come back confirming that all of your hard work has been paying off dividends after three, or four months of meal planning, taking insulin or medications and exercise!

It feels good knowing that you did this, no magic pills involved, just your desire to take control of your life.

Yes, it feels good, and it should.
It's human nature!


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