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I need help controling my sugar what's the best place to get info

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andi97 2012-07-06 07:25:36 -0500 Report

Thank u for all of that info i have been a diabetic for 3 yrs and im 14 now i cant keep it between 90 and 120 i have no help from my mom and im trying to understand what i can do and understand it better

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-07-06 13:17:50 -0500 Report

Do you do injections or use a pump? You can use a sliding scale for your insulin and the dr or his nurse can email the chart to you. This allows you to adjust the amount of insulin needed for the bg numbers instead of the same amount everytime. It is easier to keep bg numbers in range if you are not over doing it on the carbs. You can look up carb counting or diabetes and carbs to better understand how it affects your bg.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-07-05 23:49:31 -0500 Report

Are you a new diabetic, just wondering? Your dr can help you by sending you to see a nutritionist/dietician that will help you count carbs and show you portion sizes and make a meal plan for your lifestyle, may send you to diabetes classes as well. You need to add exercise to this to stay in shape or to help drop weight if you are in need of doing so as this will help get bg numbers under control and help keep other health issues that diabetes can bring on from happening or at least delaying them.

There are alot of good video's and new's articles on this site, but you can also type in your search engine how to control bg levels for type 1 diabetic and then read all that come up. The computer will link you to all you ask and then if you need to, write down questions and ask the dr. You can check out library books on controling bg as there are alot of good books on the subject. If you have acess, scan pages you like and start putting together your own go to book:) Did your dr give you the scale on bg numbers and the amount of insulin to take that goes with them? If not ask for it.

Hope this helps.