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Hi all! Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here. Been lurking a little bit lately.
I am now going to a weight loss center in Charleston. My insurance requires that I be on a physician supervised diet and exercise program for 12 months before the weight loss surgery will be done. So, I am doing 1500 calories, low fat, and as close to sugar free as I can manage. I haven't been perfect but I have managed to loose 22lbs! I am feeling lots better and able to do things that I wasn't before the weight loss. My doctor is very pleased with me to say the least! :o) As part of the prep for the weight loss surgery I had to have blood work and I did that at my family docs office. So, I get a call telling me that my bloodwork was ok except for my bad cholestrol. It was elevated and am I taking my simvastatin? I told her no that I wasn't. She asked why. I told her that that kind of drug just makes me nervous. She then informed me that high cholestrol could cause heat attacks and strokes. To which I replied I was well aware of that. So, she was a bit short with me and asked if I wanted her to tell the doc that I didn't want to do anything about it now. So, I just said yes and thanked her and hung up. I am proud of myself for standing up to an authority figure! It's something that I have not done much of my entire life! I'm learning!
Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still kicking around…:o)
Oh, and btw…I've got my A1c down to 6.7 too!!

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Glad to see that you are still around!
Great news on the A1c reduction, keep it up (or rather down!)