Graduate Nursing Student Needs Volunteers for Survey

By smccormick Latest Reply 2012-07-10 19:42:49 -0500
Started 2012-07-05 14:52:04 -0500

Hi everyone,

I am a graduate student in nursing who is conducting a study on type 2 diabetes and quality of life. I am looking for adult volunteers who take medication for type 2 diabetes. The study is conducted through the mail. The questionnaire takes about 1 hour to complete. You would also conduct a fingerstick (onto filter paper) for hemoglobin A1C. The booklet and filter paper is then sent back to me in a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope. After I receive your study materials, I will send your A1C results and a $10 gift card to thank you for being in my study.

I appreciate any volunteers!

Please contact my study voice mail at 630-219-1331. Thank you!

Sandra McCormick, RN
PhD Student
Niehoff School of Nursing
Loyola University Chicago

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granniesophie 2012-07-09 10:54:49 -0500 Report

Now that you're okayed-I would love to participate, but I've just started a new med that has my BS all over the place, which is definiately gonna skew my A1C. If that's something that you can deal with, let me know and I'll go ahead and contact your voicemail!

smccormick 2012-07-10 17:57:10 -0500 Report

I think it would still be okay as the A1C is a three-month average . . . I would love to have you in the study. Thanks!

John Crowley
John Crowley 2012-07-09 10:50:30 -0500 Report

Thanks, Sandra for checking in with us. We enjoy supporting academic efforts and especially efforts to better understand diabetes. We look forward to learning about the results of your study.

irishbear 2012-07-07 18:38:24 -0500 Report

I would qualify a I am a type 2, but I too have the concerns about privacy. If everything checks out I will be more than happy to help a student out. From your area code I see you are not far from me and I know both the schools you have listed also. I grew up in Chicago.

smccormick 2012-07-10 17:52:31 -0500 Report

I would be delighted to have you in the survey if you are willing. See the above message from John Crowley (Alliance Health Networks). Thanks!

CJ55 2012-07-07 03:22:28 -0500 Report

Hello Sandra.. Thank you for the request and offer. However, with the way things are online today, I wouldn't feel good about giving out personal info to someone I do not know. I do wish you all the best with your quest, and good luck with your future.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-07-06 20:23:55 -0500 Report

I am so sorry, I do not give out information to anyone on the net. I certainly would not give anyone a blood sample when I have no idea who you are. I wish you well in your studies and wish you much success in your career.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-07-06 00:50:37 -0500 Report

I think you have to get an ok from the site before asking members to do this? I don't qualify.

jayabee52 2012-07-06 04:58:31 -0500 Report

supposedly an OK is in the works. Check the discussion below

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-07-06 12:58:14 -0500 Report

Seems to me she should get the ok first, then post her add! I'm not saying she shouldn't conduct her study, but I would be leery of it as you'll have to call her, then she'll have your phone number, followed by giving her your name and address in which to receive the A1c(can get it by your dr) and the giftcard which is what will reel people in! I know it's up to the individual to participate, but when problems occur I hope they keep it to themselves for falling for it if this isn't on the up&up:)

I just thought it wasn't appropriate for the site, as it leaves the door open for other requests.

smccormick 2012-07-07 16:44:10 -0500 Report

I understand your concerns regarding privacy, safety, etc. I am a graduate student working on a very limited budget so I trying to recruit people for my study in creative, low-cost ways. Alliance health is working on "checking me out". Another way to verify who I am is to speak to (or email) my supervising professor, Dr Susan Penckofer (contact info from my university's website):

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-07-07 22:36:32 -0500 Report

Have you tried Craigslist, people there are ready to do anything & don't really care too much about privacy. Having a child where you are and my other one's in college as well I understand the demands, but I am a cautious person and there are soo many scammers out there. Just wanted it verified and ok before posted and to make sure it doesn't violate the terms of use:) I would not like to suddenly see all kinds of adds like this for a support group. Good luck

smccormick 2012-07-10 18:01:14 -0500 Report

I agree with your wishes NOT to have the support group boards plastered with advertising and spam. Right now my supervising professor does not want me to use Craigslist as it is not specific to diabetes and is more of a "classified ad" website. My approval from John Crowley (Alliance Health) is above.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-07-10 19:42:49 -0500 Report

Hope you get what you need for your study. Maybe this site can have a section (link) set up for other's to go to for pre -approval and then members can go into that section should they want to. Like the links along the left hand side of the page?

Good luck with your schooling I hope you do well:)

flgrammy 2012-07-05 16:17:17 -0500 Report

Sorry Sandra I should have read your request above before replying. I am a type I on an insulin pump so I don't qualify but good luck with your study and your graduate studies as a whole.

smccormick 2012-07-05 15:42:39 -0500 Report

Dear jayabee52,

Thank you for your input! I have emailed member support and look forward to the "vetting" process :) I also look forward to the Administrators' approval . . . Until then, take care,

jayabee52 2012-07-05 15:24:45 -0500 Report

Howdy Sandra,

I'd love to volunteer, but with the 'net being what it is today I would not want to just give out my contact information to anyone who asks even if it seems a worthwhile study.

Please contact Alliance health (the parent company of DiabeticConnect) and have them check you out and then have one of the Administrators come on this discussion and let us know that you are OK as far as trusting you with our contact information.

The folks in the administration (see * below) as well as the folks like me who are "inmates in the asylum" take our privacy seriously.

You can find contact info for DC in the links in the bottom border of this page.

I believe you could click on member support and get in touch with the administration, or contact one of the administrators through the "About Diabeticconnect" link below.

*Alliance Health Networks ("Alliance Health") has been awarded TRUSTe's Privacy Seal signifying that this privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe's program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information.

Again, welcome! I look forward to hearing from the administration here and being able to participate in your study.