Let's Make Some Smoothies!

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Get out those blenders and smoothie makers!

Let's get creative!
(Just in case you aren't, you will be soon)

Summer is here, the weather is hot, it's time to cool off and to stay healthy at the same time!

Make some nutritious smoothies of your own!
You will love it, your family will too.
Forget about the ice cream parlor, milkshakes and soda pop!


This is the perfect way for you to take your health and well being into your hands, you will find that shopping for the freshest fruits, vegetables and other ingrediants to make your delicious, nutritious smoothies will make you proud of yourself!

As your health improves and your vigor returns, you will be the talk of your neighborhood, the center of attention and the example of good health, all because "You" satisfied your sweet tooth with your creativity!

Post your recipes here at Diabetic Connect and share them with other family members, let's start a contest or two for the best tasting smoothie, the posibilities are endless.





And remember, smoothies aren't just for the summer time, they can be made all year long, whatever the season, whatever the holiday, show everyone what you can do.

So let's go make some "Smoothies!"


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