Pain in right leg, cause by popped vein?

By Nana_anna Latest Reply 2012-07-04 23:51:14 -0500
Started 2012-07-04 23:47:00 -0500

Happy 4th of July! Hope it was good for everyone! Mine was quiet up until the neighbors started filling the skies with noise and lights! Hope they didn't get my get lol! Anyway. I had a busy and painful week. Good though. My right leg was hurting all week. Dr. thinks I may have popped a vein. They did an ultra sound, no news yet. My throid is lower, so that's good. Still on meds for that. I had a stress test done on the 3rd of July. Won't know the results until next week. Other wise I am good. That is why I haven't been on here much this week. Staying off of my leg helps. But it's better today. Thank the Lord! I can exercise again! Any one ever have a popped vein before?

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