What can you do about the epidemic of diabetes in our children?

Jeanette Terry
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Diabetes is on the rise everywhere, but most alarmingly in children in the U.S. It has become an epidemic and affects us all in some way. Jenny Mackenzie, documentary filmmaker is at the head of a new campaign to bring awareness and to help stop this epidemic. Check out her Sugar Babies trailer and start making a difference today.


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Let's start by talking to them about diabetes, a serious talk about diabetes and the truth about what it is like to deal with diabetes on a daily basis.

Let them see, as well as hear what you must go through to manage your diabetes, the finger pricks for blood glucose testing, the insulin injections that you must take, the insulin pump that you must wear, the medications that you must take, the carefully planned meals that you must make and have, and the complications that you are suffering fom (including amputations) are all real life "school tools" that we have at our disposal to help us to teach others (including children) about diabetes.

Dealing with, and promoting diabetes care is all about awareness and action.

We, as diabetics are spokespeople for diabetes awareness and wellness.

When people see, and comment on how well you look, and how well you must be taking care of yourself, don't forget to tell that you are a diabetic and the reason that you take such good care of yourself is because you must do so in order to stay on top of diabetes and it's possible complications.

Diabetes is a (24/7/365) chronic disease, if it gains the upper hand, you lose!

We may not have our photo on either a milk carton, or a magazine cover but we are all poster children for the cause.
Diabetes can be frightening, but we cannot be afraid to learn as much as we can about it, or to talk about it to others, we don't have a telethon to promote diabetes awareness, we have ourselves as proof of what can be, as opposed to what shouldn't be.

We have a vast audience to educate and entertain, an audience of all ages.
We have to be ready to "step up to the mike" when our names are called, the whole entire world is watching and if we can each bring one person to become aware of the seriousness of diabetes and be tested for such, regardless of the outcome of the test, we will have helped bring awareness to the cause, one drop of blood at a time!