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Like many of us here, I have trouble sleeping despite exercising and other things that supposedly promote sleep. I have been researching melatonin. Like almost everything else you'll look at regarding this condition, there are positives, negatives and outright contradictory articles and opinions.

My main question is do any of you use melatonin. Has it had any effect on your BG? Does it work for you? Any other suggestions? I have weaned myself from prescription sleeping pills and I'm not willing to go back to using them.

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old biker
old biker 2012-07-01 06:27:22 -0500 Report

Like you I am interested to hear what others have to say..I have no problem falling asleep..I'm asleep 5-10 minutes after I close my eyes..Staying asleep is my problem..I wake up every 2 hours, I look to see if it is light out yet..If not I close my eyes and I am out again..I go to bed at 11:30 pm every night and I am wide awake and up at 5:30 am..I would love to get 8 hrs of sleep..I always heard as you get older you need fewer hrs of sleep..I guess that's true

Controlled 2012-07-01 13:50:23 -0500 Report

Interesting. I have both problems. Falling asleep and staying asleep. Last night a fell asleep at 3 a.m. and woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m. Melatonin did not work for me. It is a hormone and like all other substances, has potential side effects. I am just leaving it at it didn't work for me.

I have heard that you need fewer hours of sleep as you age, but that can't mean waking every 2 hours as you said or me sleeping only two hours. I'll look for something else.

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Interesting. I have to stop eating by 9:00 p.m. to make sure that I wake up in the 80's. It's always interested me how different people react to things and treat BG and this condition. I do exercise early in the evening exactly for the reason you said.

Harlen 2012-06-29 21:38:30 -0500 Report

Sorry your going thrue this
I have had it from time to time and it worked a bit but if I used it every day it would stop working .
It never made my BS go up .
Some times I use benadrill
Best wishes

jimLE 2012-06-29 20:38:30 -0500 Report

1st of sorry to hear your haveing trouble sleeping.2nd glad your staying away from the sleeping pills..there's times i have trouble sleeping.and thats only when i go to bed a lil i always make sure i go to bed not hungry.i even keep a bowl of cookies or what ever that wont leave crumbs on my night stand once in a while..pluse i keep a bottle of water there at night as well..seems like exercising would keep a person from getting to sleep on acount thier hart is beating faster n all..