Shaping up.

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Well haven't been here in a while. To much going on. I'm back because I need your input. Went for alot of blood test and sofar everything O.K. When I started insulin I was about 88 lbs and scared the heck out of me. Now after taking insulin I gained weight. Not in the right places, but I'm glad I'm not loosing it. Now my problem is everything is in the middle and I want good suggestions on how to lose a few inches in the waist line. I excercise and started doing the Rumba lol because I thought it would be fun. Just started so I have to learn how to use it. Have Jakes stomach and back excerciser. Do you think age has anything to do with it? I know I'm not getting any younger. lol Sh-h-h-h-h 73 now. Need advice. Thanks in advance.

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