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I realize that not all of us have friends and family around us for help and support. But, each state we live in does have help if you look in the right places. But of we don't know where to start. The hospital Social Worker is a great place to start in looking for the help you need for your particular situation. There is help, financially, of course you have to qualify, but if you don't, then your local hospital social worker can also help you locate the people who volunteer their help, departments you would qualify for help, and all the resources avalilable to you. Even if you look under Community Resourses in your local yellow pages, you can find somewhere to start your search for your needs. Also places like Easter Seals, which I believe is a Federally funded program. Just do not give up, There are ways to get help, and maybe make some new people along the way.

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Hello Lilmarm52. My name is Deedy, a lot of people call me Big Mama: (1) I am a grandmother of 5, (2) I think that I am everybody's mama:).

I work at the local 211 system: HELP HOTLINE Crisis Center. I also am a student of Healthcare Administration with a concentration on Social Services. Therefore, I am certainly an advocate in using all the resources one could get pertaining to social services and that.

At the Crisis Center among many services, we take calls from suicidal callers under duress and make call to check-in on the elderly, MRDD, & Mentally Ill clients (free of charge).

Note: not everyone that calls-in fit into the previously mentioned groups. Some of the calls are simply for reassurance and referrals to help.

I am sure that your local area has something along these lines and may even be called "Help Hotline."

Try calling 211; this should connect you with the services that I mentioned, however, your local agency may require that you use the area code of your area, then 211.

Try it and let me know the outcome. If this does not work, when I have time at work I will look-up the information that you may need. Be Blessed!

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