Your bg level when you sleep

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I wanted to no if my bg level is ok when im sleeping I guess I'm scared that my bg will go to low well I sleep but all the worrying is causing me to snack before I sleep and also causing me to gain weight

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jessfo82 2012-06-28 03:21:54 -0500 Report

Usually if my bg drops too low when I'm sleeping my body wakes me up. I have had juvenile diabetes since I was 18months old and am now 30.

MAYS 2012-06-27 07:39:13 -0500 Report

Do you take insulin, or any medications for your diabetes?
If so, please consult your doctor on this, an adjustment of your medications or diet may be necessary.

If not, or if you are willing to try an experiment (with your doctors approval) you can try the following procedure below.

Documentation is the key to your findings!
You will need the following items to do so, a blood glucose meter with test strips, glucose tablets, an alarm clock, a pad and pen, a set period of time to conduct this test (7-14 days) and complete honesty with yourself!

The best way to determine this is to check your blood glucose level prior to going to sleep, document what you eaten and drank, what time you consumed it, set your alarm to awaken you at the same time every day for the time period that you have decided on (7-14 days), test yourself upon awakening in the morning and keep your pen and paper handy to record this information.

If by any chance you awaken during the night test your blood, record the time that you did, how you feel, and what you did (bathroom visit, etc.) if you are thirsty drink a glass of water but DO NOT EAT ANYTHING!
You want your a.m. numbers to be as accurate as possible, if you eat or snack in the middle of the night your findings will be inaccurate!

If you awaken to a serious case of hypoglycemia, 60 or below, (click the link below) consume a few glucose tablets, wait 15 minutes and then test again, repeat this step again if necessary.

(If your test numbers are continuously at 70 or below, stop this testing, consult your doctor and disclose your documented findings)

What you are looking for is not only how low your numbers can possibly be going during the night, but also for a pattern that may be able to help you, or your doctor to determine why your numbers are going low (if they are).

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jayabee52 2012-06-27 06:51:14 -0500 Report

Your BG may fall low when you sleep, which may trigger a "liver dump", which is a built in fail-safe to preserve your life. But the problem with that for Persons with Diabetes is the liver dump simply dumps glycogen into one's bloodstream, and one never knows what one's BG levels may be.

To give yourself something with which to digest during the night time hours when you're fasting you might wish to eat a snack pairing a slow digesting carb (like half an apple) with a protein, (like a teaspoon of peanut butter) before bedtime. You may have to "play around" with your pairings to find your ideal bedtime snack. But keep in mind portion control and you may well find yourself not gaining weight, and perhaps even losing it.

Try that.

To your improving health