Plateaued and actually backsliding

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Started 2012-06-26 18:03:29 -0500

I was re-diagnosed with Type 2 in July 2010. I made a commitment then to fight this disease hard. I've been taking my meds, trying to control my diet and have stepped up (considerably) my exercise. Over the late fall and winter, my doctor weaned me from my nightly insulin dose. Since then, I've gained back most of the weight I had gained and have not been able to lose it. My A1C has climbed back up some (5.9 in March). He has been very supportive and encouraging, but I am getting discouraged. Any suggestions on how to get back on track? I really want to be in control! Thanks!!

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old biker
old biker 2012-06-27 10:37:53 -0500 Report

Your A1C is great any number below 7.0 for T2 is good..5.9 says you are doing something right,,Don't be discouraged..Look how far you already come..Remember even when you stumble you are still moving forward..The trick is to keep on trying and never give up

John Lassider
John Lassider 2012-06-26 18:29:31 -0500 Report

You have a great attitude. The weight gain might be from other factors as well, so I suggest you to continue with your exercise diet and regular meds. Don't get discouraged. Good luck!

hollysmom1 2012-06-26 19:50:21 -0500 Report

Thanks, John. I see my doctor in late July (about 4 weeks from now) and am hoping to have lost at least some of the weight. I'm just frustrated and concerned about why this is happening.