Sometimes We All Need A Shoulder To Lean ON

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We are here because we want to be; to learn, discuss; complain about our illness for encouragement; read, meet similar people with similar problems, and many other reasons. But sometimes while we are here we get off track and complain about our own problems that particular da., Depression; illness and other issues of the day. I know I have done that lately, but I do feel comfortable enough to do that; I guess that is important when you trust in your friends enough to spill your guts out( tho'. I would not mind if anyone needed and trusted me enough, to ask me or post for help of a different time. )Or if they had an off day and just wanted to get it out someway; like I often do. It just makes you feel better(But after I have posted I feel bad about people who read the post). But; if someone has advice of any kind, that is an unexpected bonus.
So "Breaking the Silence" or having someone to talk to and hears you, is so important. Could you imagine how many suicides there would be if people had nowhere they could go to talk and have a shoulder to lead on?

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