Breaking Bad Habits: Lighting Up

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I have never smoked, so I cannot say that I know how hard it is to quit. My mom quit smoking when she was in her 30's and as a kid, I never noticed because she always had a toothpick in her mouth. LOL. My dad, after he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in his 60's, was told he should quit. He did, cold turkey. Wow, what an inspiration. He had such great discipline and I always strive to be more like he was.

I just share that to say that it can be done. Many members here have quit and many have tried. This little snip-it explains why it is really a good idea to stop smoking.

By: Everyday Health
Smoking can increase your risk of developing serious diabetic complications: coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. Smoking also can worsen one of the “silent” symptoms of diabetes — fatigue. “Your respiratory rate will decrease, fatigue will take over, and oxygen consumption can fail because your lungs now have to work twice as hard,” Dr. Ali says. “Your cells need oxygen, including your pancreas beta cells that give off natural insulin — hence the physiological connection between diabetes and smoking.”

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