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Thankfully I only need to inject Novolin Insulin once at night, 10 Units. I have been doing this less than 1 month. I have found pain on the right side of my stomach along with small bleeding. I do far better on the front of my legs, no pain or blood. The left side of my stomach is usually OK, & it helps to spread my fingers on my belly to make sure I'm in a different area. I counted on the body diagram I was given, 46 sites on the front of legs & belly, and 76 including the hips & back of arms, areas I haven't mastered yet. The advice of being sure the alcohol is dryi helpful. For me I now know the right side of my belly is sensitive. That still gives me a month of different injection sites. I am blessed with only 1X per evening. I'm sure there will still be occassions injecting will cause me pain, but hopefully as I learn those will become even less & less frequent. I also still take a 1000 mg Metformin with breakfast and another 500 mg with lunch. My BG's are so far much better under control now, & I don't have the digestive side effects I was having with 2000 mg of Metformin a day, 2 with breakfast & 2 with dinner. I even tried spreading those 500 mg pills out to 4 times per day, but by the 5th pill the next morning, into the restroom I needed to race. I at 1st had thought I would have the negative side effects with taking a 1000 mg Metformin at the same time, and it didn't make sense to me how the metformin was prescribed with the Insulin. But I should know the Dr. is always right. Her dose prescription works best, & happily this time without negative side effects. My logic of her presription, which didn't match the iniitial effect of the insulin explained to me is: my Dr. wants me to take the Metforman as many hours as possible away from injecting the insulin. Insulin at 20:00, 2 Metformin at 7:00 am and the 3rd Met. at 12:00 noon. As long as my chocolate/sugar consumption isn't WAY out of control, my BG is from 93 to 130. Whic is close to the < 120 before meals & definately < 160 after meals. Just wanted to share my experiences, sorry for rambling.

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red flower lady
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Are you doing the special k pinch when injecting? Also, new needles(short) don't usually hurt and depending on the insulin if you roll it between hands to heat it up some it won't hurt going in. I'm the opposite as my lower left side is sensitive. I have never done pills, so can't help there.

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