Discussion Topics: What is Missing

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I know we already talked about this; but, I would like to further this issue with a few Topics that could help all the confusion of tags and where to submit discussions. I feel we could benefit by a few new ones. So I am going to list my suggestions, and maybe you have some to offer yourselves. There is just some common interests I feel we all have and really no place to discuss just those certain isssues. First of All, Physicians, or Physician Teams; Diabetic Education, Important to a few lately and really needed, A discussion site for men and women only. Lots of times, men and women have issues that don't care or feel comfortable discussing in a mixed group; so I think a For Women Only; or/ For Men Only could be an asset. Another; which could be beneficial to the educaters, technicians and everyone who works on this site would be helpful, is What Have I Learned from this site?/What I would like to Learn. They really aren't under any specific category but should be; so That is my suggestion; anyone else feel free to add yours> This will help everyone to acknowledge what we need so they can pick or choose, categorize to a customed use.

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