Sleeping Through Medication Times; And Other Important Scheduled Events

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I know that fatigue and depression is one of the side affects of this illness; so it is twice as important to take your medications on time, morning, throughout the day (no matter how many times a day your meds are scheduled). Have a back up plan, if you know the likelihood of you reoccuring missed med doses. Have someone call you each time you need to take them, or set an alarm and have them at your side if you must stay in bed, so that you will take them; work out something you can trust between you and your family, caregiver or friends that will work for you, It is so important to your health. AND Please do the same with scheduled appointments; It is very important to get to these appointments.

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Is this a problem for anyone? Because it was for me, although getting better; I want to see one full week of eveng medication taking.

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