Has Your Doctor Offered?

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Explaining your treatment, and needs, to a family member or caregiver, friend? It is really nice to have someone watching your back in case you forget things you were told, or how to handle certainly things that pop up. Meal planning, sugar levels. Maybe take someone to Diabetic Education to be a back up source; someone you can call when you are in a frenzy and need help about your illness and what to do; someone who has been spicifically beeen informed of your own personal needs. Besides the fact that there is so new and important information thrown at you when you are diagnosed. That is often so overwhelming, that it is hard to comprehend it all at once. Where to go, who to see, what to do next. Personal care, diet; etc. It is a lot. So don't be afraid, if he has not offered to speak to someone for you for help; you ask him.

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Lanore 2008-11-20 08:54:35 -0600 Report

my hubby goes with me every time for my appt. I always forget something that was said or that I was suppose to do…Lanore ;-)

2008-11-20 08:23:57 -0600 Report

If you don't have a caregiver or helper with your illness; try looking for a social worker who connect you to someone who facilitates your needs. And there are social workers who know how to locate and fund the proper caretakers if needed. I am sure if your insurance does not cover what you need. Also ; you may want to look into all the volunteer services.

Robert C. H.
Robert C. H. 2008-11-19 23:38:28 -0600 Report

what a wonderful idea, if you have that person to take that responsibility I my world that would be heaven, but sorry to say there is no one there

2008-11-22 16:14:50 -0600 Report

I hope there is a chance for you to meet someone through my suggestions. There are people out there that care too.:->)

sstarlight 2008-11-19 14:24:16 -0600 Report

My boyfriend went with me to my diabetes class which was great. The class was 8 hrs long & having someone else there was wonderful because there was so much to take in. He's aware of what happens if I happen to go low & is great at helping me plan meals since he is aware of what kinds of foods I need to be (or not be!) eating.