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With the summer weather coming, alot of us will have to deal with the extreme heat of summer. Some of us have already have seen temperatures in the 80's and 90's this year in early spring.

I live in the midwest and they are saying this weekend we will be having our temperatures in the low 90's with very high humidity.
(I'm on many medications, that make me refrain from being outside in the sun.)

What I would like to know is when the weather is at it's worst for you, what do you do about eating. Because with the extreme temperatures, I personally do not want to eat. (I also, really don't like to heat the house by cooking.) But, I do consume a lot of liquids.

We all have to check our sugars, and eat accordingly, but those of us that have meal-time insulin, do have to eat.

So, what do you do? Do you eat a light meal? A normal meal? Do you skip a meal?
And if you would like to share, what exactly you would like to make, when the temperatures are extreme.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

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troublemaker27 2012-06-12 15:36:12 -0500 Report

well this summer heat is dreadful today in sacramento,ca
so how is everyone doing today?
i been drinking water lots of it.
but nothing seems to be working i still feel dizzy and nausea.
but i'm sitting down.
and my head is so dizzy.
what do you do when you're feeling dizzy?
let me know please thank you all

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-13 02:23:16 -0500 Report

Are your bg numbers in the normal range? Also, how is your BP doing? When it is hot it can act up besides other reasons. Make sure your eating, when it is hot we don't always feel like eating and that can make you dizzy. Not to scare you, but that is how I was in the beginning when pregnant:)

jayabee52 2012-06-13 02:07:03 -0500 Report

well it kinda depends on what is causing your dizziness as to what you can do.

There is an OTC medication called "Meclizzine" (used for motion sickness) which some folks take.

I get dizzy sometimes because I have "benign peripheral vertigo" intermittently. What happens at those times my sinusitus acts up and sends a cascade of mucus down my throat, which at times blocks my eustacian tubes going to my inner ear. The tubes being blocked throws off my inner ear and I start having dizzy and nausea if my head is not perfectly upright. If I don't correct my head position in time, then I start having nausea and vomiting. Not fun.

Read a multipage article on "dizziness" from Mayo Clinic here ~ http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/dizziness/DS...

Perhaps you could determine what it might or might not be from the list provided there in the article.

msann 2012-06-09 23:05:24 -0500 Report

hey guys i like the spring and fall, summer so sticky take my energy but i drink lots of fluids all take care

re1ndeer 2012-06-10 07:04:45 -0500 Report

I too like the spring and fall. And with the heat I too drink lots of fluids.
Thanks for responding.

pixsidust 2012-06-09 16:04:07 -0500 Report

When its hot, I do not want to grill. Adding fire to the heat outside and standing over it is simply not an option!

Thats when fast to cook foods are best, such as an omelet, a talapia fillet, or cold like green bean salad, green salad, egg, ham or tuna salad. I make popsicles out of Crystal Light. Chill your fruit. I also use some Green Giant frozen healthy choice veggies that I microwave. I put on fans in the house to help circulate the air.

I freeze a large "Smart Water" bottle 3/4 the way full titled on the side. I reuse these bottles. I take it out fill the remaining space with water to chill and drink. I have a plain water bottle that I refill the space with as the ice melts. Lasts almost all day. Great when you need a cold drink in the middle of the night too.

I use fans along with the AC to boost its affect. Really helps!

re1ndeer 2012-06-09 17:57:03 -0500 Report

Thanks for responding. I like to microwave cook. I like the idea of the cold salads, and making popscicles out of crystal light. Great idea with the water bottle. Thanks.

troublemaker27 2012-06-08 13:45:28 -0500 Report

well summer is also my birthday and anniversary on june 28th
i love summer it's fun i get to go to the pool and swim.
wear summer clothes,i get to eat ice cream.
so what do you all like about summertime?
i just love it see ya all

ConnieMarie 2012-06-08 14:10:23 -0500 Report

my favorite part about summer…camping…this year is going to be a little different…i suffered a stroke in dec so its finding a balance… :)

Caroltoo 2012-06-07 18:16:28 -0500 Report

Set my little ol' George Forman grill on the table on lanai. Can smell it cooking all over the house, but doesn't bring in the heat.

Just had my large and very old BBQ hauled away. Just taking up too much space on the lanai.

Caroltoo 2012-06-07 18:02:12 -0500 Report

High temperature affects me four ways: I eat less/lighter/cooler foods, I drink more water/iced tea/lemonade w/out sugar, I avoid the sun during the mid-day hours, and I exercise at different times of day (earlier or later).

I'm not using insulin, so I don't have to watch the insulin/meals connection, but I would think if you ate lightly, you would use less. I eat my largest meal of the day in the morning all year around, but that does allow me to cook in the cool of the morning and eat a salad at lunch.

Lots of times when cooking breakfast, I'll cook a piece of meat or fish to use with lunch, so I don't have to cook it mid-day when it is warmer. Summer evenings, I sometimes have a handful of nuts, piece of cheese, and an apple before taking a walk in the twilight.

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 19:03:08 -0500 Report

Sounds wonderful. I drink alot of liquids, so I don't eat alot. I like the idea, about making a meat or meal in the morning, while making breakfast to eliminate the afternoon heating of the home.
Also, like the nuts, cheese and apple in the evening.
Thanks for answering my discussion.

Type1Lou 2012-06-07 17:52:05 -0500 Report

One way to avoid heating up the house is by using a toaster oven and putting it out on the lanai/porch. Of course, grilling is also an option. Living in Florida, we're already experiencing days in the 90's and 80's with nights into the 70's, so anything we can do to keep heat out of the house is a plus. Being on an insulin pump, I feel free to skip a meal if I don't feel like eating. I also did the same when I was on MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) of Lantus and Novolog. I will frequently eat a salad as my meal; lunch is often just an apple with peanut butter. I also like cold soups (cold cucumber soup, gazpacho, various berry soups) but hubby isn't a fan of these, so I don't make them.

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 18:59:10 -0500 Report

Thank you for answering my discussion. I like the idea of just a snack, if it gets to warm, the apple/peanut butter sounds good.

Type1Lou 2012-06-08 12:51:37 -0500 Report

I've been eating an apple, cored and sliced, then slathered with all natural peanut butter for lunch for months now. I find it filling and satisfying. Depending on the size of the apple, my lunch runs anywhere from 37 to 45 grams of carb. And apples are so full of fiber and other nutrients that are great for you…plus, if I have to bring my lunch, it's really easy to put together!

jayabee52 2012-06-07 18:03:16 -0500 Report

used to put the crock pot on the back porch also to avoid heating up the house when we wanted something in that.

Type1Lou 2012-06-07 18:28:37 -0500 Report

Thanks for adding that James! I bought my first crockpot just last year and LOVE it! Made a beef stew in it a few weeks ago that was yummy. Now, I don't know how I lived without it for so long. My husband also does his ironing out on the lanai to avoid heating up the house. He got into the habit of doing his own ironing when he was re-singled and before we met…my benefit…I am so lucky!

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-07 17:36:27 -0500 Report

I love diabetic protein drinks that I keep in the fridge so I can just grab a cold one when I don't feel like eating. Also when it is cooler in the evenings, make up some meals or meat so you can just microwave it or have cold salads or sandwitches with pre made meats. I keep vegies and fruit handy as well.

Young1s 2012-06-07 19:28:43 -0500 Report

That was going to be my suggestion. Make enough foods/meals so that all it takes is a quick zap in the microwave when needed.

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 18:56:25 -0500 Report

Can I ask what kind of diabetic protein drinks, you drink?

Thanks for responding.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-09 13:41:49 -0500 Report

My Endo told me to use Glucerna as it seems to work best with my situation. You can also get it in a meal bar. I was also given Glucerna when in the hospital. You can have the other protein shakes, just read the label to see the nutritional values, some are not right as it will make your bg go higher then you might like.

I hope this helps you:)

re1ndeer 2012-06-09 15:27:16 -0500 Report

Yes, it does. Glucerna seems to make my bg spike. That's why I was curious as to what kind of protein drinks you were taking. Thanks for responding, I will look into reading the labels and testing the brands to see what works. Thanks again.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-10 23:46:23 -0500 Report

I use some other's, but again it depends on what the bg levels are before drinking it as well as how I respond to it. You have to experiment until you get it. Maybe try drinking half of it and the rest later?

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-06-07 13:25:51 -0500 Report

re1deer it is officially crab season for me. I can't wait to dive into some fresh steamed crabs and an ice cold diet pepsi. I promised myself that I am making crab cakes this summer. I am going to withstand the heat and clean some crabs and fry them. Smother them in onion gravy with some rice and enjoy myself. I love living not far from the water.

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 13:29:14 -0500 Report

I love crab, don't get to have it often. Your crab cakes sound delicious. Would you mind sharing your recipe? I don't get fresh crab, but I sure would love to try your recipe.
Thank you, re1ndeer

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-06-07 12:38:16 -0500 Report

Hi re1ndeer, Maryland has already had a bout of 90's temps with high humidity. I have already downed gallons of iced tea, iced coffee and water. What I do is make Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad for the really hot days. I will roast a chicken, a ham, or a piece of beef that can be used for sandwiches. I will also buy disposable cups and make crystal light frozen cups to eat when it is hot. I also have my stand by watermelon to fill me up on hot evenings. I will make potato salad and pasta salad to add to go with the chicken salad. I take pineapple in no sugar added and put that in the freezer with a tablespoon of vodka and they are a nice treat in the evening. I put it in single serving sizes and only will do this if my blood sugar is good enough for me to eat the pineapple.

I don't worry about heating up the house because I have a NuWave Oven and I can still bake meats when I want a real meal. It doesn't heat up the kitchen or the house. I love kielbasa so I keep that on for when I really don't feel like cooking. I try to stay away from lunch meats during the summer. The key is to stay hydrated.

I have an insulated lunch container. I go to the dollar store and buy freezer packs and freeze them. I toss them in the container with a fruit cup, yogurt or cheese or anything you like that must be chilled. I drink tap water so I freeze a little over a half bottle of water, add more water and add that to the container. This helps keep the items chilled and I have a cold bottle of water when I need it. This works great for a trip to the mall, a trip to the playground with the kids or just going somewhere to sit in a park.

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 13:19:18 -0500 Report

Thanks Just Joyce, I new most of the country is having an earlier bout of warm (hot) weather. And more of it is coming our way, as this year it will be a doozy of temps. I drink lots of teas, water, and sparkling water, and cool morning I have a cup or two of coffee.

I like the idea of making your meats up ahead that you can then break down, for both sandwiches and salads.

Those crystal light cups sound really good.

You have given me quite a lot to think about, and alot of great ideas, I truly appreciated your response to my discussion.

granniesophie 2012-06-07 10:27:09 -0500 Report

Since I'm in Phoenix where it's a wonderful, cool 106 today, and will go up from there until about October, I am pretty used to it, and just eat normally. I do use my oven and stove, because my other half is used to "heavy" food year round, being European, so it doesn't bother me!
I do love summer fruit, though, and eat lots of fruit salads, which doesn't happen in the whole 3 days of winter here!
I do run the AC all the time-everyone does, and keep oven mitts in my car to put my seatbelt on-it's that hot!!

jayabee52 2012-06-07 17:59:13 -0500 Report

here in LV NV I keep a white towel over the steering wheel so as not to burn my hands when I first get in the car. Never had a problem with seat belt buckles though!

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 11:05:03 -0500 Report

You are really in a hot state. But, isn't Arizona a dry heat?

With eating fruit salads, doesn't that raise your blood sugars more?

I love fruit, but, I don't know if I could make 1 or 2 meals out of the day as just fruit.

I too run the AC when the temps get into the upper 80's with the humidity, but to cook and heat the home up, kind of defeats the purpose for me.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-06-07 12:46:21 -0500 Report

Try cooking during the coolest times of the day such as early in the morning or the night before. Cooking enough at one time for leftovers helps. This tip works for me. I will make pots of soup, cooked fresh veggies and freeze them in serving sized containers and thaw them as needed.

granniesophie 2012-06-07 13:14:29 -0500 Report

Not with my work schedule!! Up at 3:30 and out the door around 5:30. Home at around 6PM and in bed usually by 7:30! Pretty much 6 days a week and on the 7th is errands and taking care of Mama! I cook as I go!
I'm used to it, and it is what it is :)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-06-07 13:21:51 -0500 Report

I remember the days of going to bed at 3:30am then up at 6 to be to work by 8. Glad I don't party like that anymore.

If I had that schedule I would be drained by the end of the day. Just make sure that in all of that busy schedule you get in some Sophie Time. take care.

granniesophie 2012-06-07 11:45:34 -0500 Report

115 degrees is blast furnace heat!! Yes, it's dry-but it feels like you can't breathe!!
I don't eat all that much fruit all at once, mostly berries and peaches. They don't raise me much if I eat a protein too. They are never a main meal-just a snack or a go-along, like breakfast, along with an egg!
Most people who live here full time just continue to live the same way year round, you just stay indoors in the summer heat, and run from one air conditioned place to another-car to home, to store, to work, etc. Instant exercise!!

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 13:04:13 -0500 Report

That is hot. I could never be in that much heat. I don't know how you do it. That would be exercise running from building to building.
Thanks for answering.

Harlen 2012-06-07 10:09:11 -0500 Report

For me I eat a big first meal in the AM and the rest of the day I will eat three more little meals ,being on the pump saves me a lot of stress over eating
In the hot times I do eat a lot lighter lol
Best wishes

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 10:59:25 -0500 Report

Thanks Harlen, that's a great idea. Eating a larger meal in the morning, while it is still cool out, probably will hold you out for the rest of the day.

Harlen 2012-06-07 11:03:43 -0500 Report

I still need to eat thuout the day so I eat light
Hope it works well for you as it dose for me

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 11:13:20 -0500 Report

Thanks Harlen, I figured that out that you had a large morning meal, and then 2 smaller meals during the day. I'm going to try your suggestion, Thank you.

jayabee52 2012-06-07 00:21:39 -0500 Report

When it is hot I like to eat a lot of salads and will use a george forman type grill to cook meat. I also eat frozen berries, kinda like ice cream to cool off.

re1ndeer 2012-06-07 05:59:04 -0500 Report

Thanks James.

Salads are great, but I'm on a blood thinner and I need to watch the green leafy vegetables.

Does your George Foreman grill give off any heat, when you are cooking?

Love the idea of frozen berries, I'm going to the store and purchase some.
Thanks again.

jayabee52 2012-06-07 08:34:38 -0500 Report

Yes the Geo foreman does give off heat but the heat is much less than if I would fire up the range top or a stove.

In fact, here in Las Vegas, when it is 100ºf or above outside I don't even turn on my AC because my apartment is on the ground floor and faces north. Of course it helps that I have hypothyroid and I don't really get warm until it is over 80ºf.

Before I was divorced and had a house with a big backyard (in LV slso) I cooked on a gas grill and even had a gas stove set up outside to keep the heat out of the house. I cooked like that all summer for a couple of summers.