Exercising is supposed to be good for diabetics???

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Started 2012-06-06 16:30:32 -0500

I found this article on exercise and diabetes. It says that exercise is supposed to help lower the numbers. I have been exercising for three weeks now. I have noticed my blood sugar has stayed in the 200 to 300s for the last week. My diet has changed slightly, so I know where it's coming from. Now it's hard to get back down. Here is the article I found though. Thought it might help someone:

Ways to lower blood sugar:

An easy way to lower blood sugar levels is to stay fit and healthy. Regular exercise not only helps lower blood sugar levels, but also helps fight infections. Staying active and taking regular exercise can also help with blood pressure problems. Exercise also helps control the body's weight and regulate cholesterol levels.
Exercisea do not need to be a grueling. Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week, will help to lower blood sugar levels. Walking to the store instead of taking the car is all that may be necessary to provide you with some much needed exercise. Any extra exercise, including working out in a gym, should be discussed with a doctor first if you have irregular blood sugar levels. You can do something light such as arm exercises, ab workouts, help to.

The food that you eat also plays a part in helping to lower blood sugar levels. Low-glycemic foods that are digested more slowly by the body are a better option. High-glycemic foods enter the bloodstream easily and rapidly, causing the pancreas to work harder to produce insulin.

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Nana_anna 2012-06-11 23:52:10 -0500 Report

Working on everything Red florwer lady! Just did allot of it today, and all weekend! Been working hard!

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-12 00:28:23 -0500 Report

That is so AWSOME!!! Keep it up and you'll get to where you want to be before too long. I'm soo proud of you for getting off the couch and living:)

Nana_anna 2012-06-13 17:41:36 -0500 Report

I have always kept busy, and don't have time to sit all day. That is not me. I am either cleaning or something. Now I am bringging exercise back into my daily needs. I have been doing that years ago. Just haven't been able to with my back. Thanks for the encouragement!

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-13 18:02:21 -0500 Report

Hi, didn't really mean you were on the couch doing nothing, just used it as an expression. I know all about the bad back, I need surgery but am trying to put it off for as long as I can. We are concentrating on my other issues until dr says other wise. I just have to move way slower then everyone else.

You know my 17 yr old and I went to get meds yesterday and out of nowhere she said i would have to ride in a wheelchair if we had a zombie attack as I move way to slow! I replied, no they would just think I'm one of them and she laughed and said maybe except for me screaming and covering my eyes like I do when they make me watch the movies during family night.

Any way, as you know any movement is good, but some are better then others, like the pool for the back. We'll get there:)

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2012-06-07 12:11:53 -0500 Report

I know 2 people that died while they were exercising, so, exercise is a cause of death! With that said I have found that moderate exercise does help with my blood sugars. I just need to do more.

Nana_anna 2012-06-13 17:43:39 -0500 Report

That is true. You have to know how much you can do, even down to counting you pulse, and know your target range. They say to stay in with your target heart range. There is a reason for that. Don't do what you can't do. Go at your own pace.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-06 21:36:53 -0500 Report

Are you getting the right amount of time in when exercising, also, the type of exercise plays a part in reducing bg numbers along with eating right and following portion sizes. You need to try and balance it all with a goog plan:)

Nana_anna 2012-06-06 21:56:12 -0500 Report

Yes, I have a plan through a dietician at the Dr. office. She is very careful, and we both work on menu's and such. I eat light portions even in veggies. I can only have one fruit per day or every other day. We narrow it down to 1200 calories. Sometimes I don't eat that much. I stay below 15 gms of fat, and try to eat at least 15 gms of protein. I still need vitamin D and B 12. Its still bouncing all over.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-06-07 17:53:26 -0500 Report

That is great your working with a dietician, how about the exercise? Do you alternate your days with cardio and strenght training. Try to change up your exercise with swimming one day and walking the next, etc. This way you don't get burned out and your body doesn't get used to the same thing. It is real important the amount of time spent exercising and getting the sweat flowing and heart rate up:)

You can do it and before long you'll see the changes:)

Harlen 2012-06-07 10:17:51 -0500 Report

You may need other meds to help get your numbers down and keep them down ?
I had to swich meds three times to get the ones that worked for me .
Best wishes

Harlen 2012-06-07 10:49:26 -0500 Report

Always good to be on top of it .
other then your meds when you eat seams to to afect my BS too
I take in the most carbs in the AM and less in the later meals and as light as I can for the last meal .It works for me ,mite work for you too
Best wishes

Young1s 2012-06-06 20:10:27 -0500 Report

I think that that's something that isn't stressed enough when it comes to diet in general. Take your time with your food! No rush! It will still be there on your plate after you finish that previous bite.

I have many recollections of rushing through a meal or a certain food, and thought that had I just taken the time I probably would have enjoyed it more. Plus it gives you the feeling of being full when you take time to eat properly. Not completely sure how that works but it does.

We have savoring sensibilities for a reason y'all!

Nana_anna 2012-06-06 21:57:39 -0500 Report

I am and always have been a really slow eater. Those I eat with are done before I can get 1/2 through a meal. I have always been that way.

Caroltoo 2012-06-06 16:39:01 -0500 Report

It always brings my BGs down, but it takes about 1/2 hour of exercise to be effective for me.

Nana_anna 2012-06-06 21:58:14 -0500 Report

I have been doing about an hour to two hours a day.

Caroltoo 2012-06-07 19:20:00 -0500 Report

That's quite a lot. What are you doing?

The other side of this question is that if you do enough to make it stressful, your body produces adrenalin and, in the process, raises your BGs because it views your exercise as STRESS.

Maybe doing less several times a day would produce better results for you.